CakePHP moved to Github!

Michał Szajbe

December 11, 2009 | php cakephp github

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After two of the core developers, Nate Abele and Gwoo, left the project lately, many feared the worst. Now it's a different story! The CakePHP core team decided to move the project to Github.

I'd say: finally!

Now it's truly open to the community. That's because Github makes it so easy to collaborate on open source projects. All you need to do is to fork a project, merge your changes, and send a pull request to project's maintainer. Can't imagine more painless process.

What I expect now is a real boost in CakePHP development, with many great features delivered by the community. Just check how other projects benefited from the move, for example Ruby on Rails that has more than 700 forks now. So...

Let's fork it! ;)