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Rails 2.2.2, Ajax and respond_to

Michał Szajbe

January 31, 2009 | javascript ajax ruby rails

As I wrote some time ago in the article about Rails, Ajax and jQuery, sometimes there are problems with Rails not interpreting correctly content type headers of ajax requests. It's because not all web browsers send that header in the same way. 

What I proposed was to sort the request.accepts array (array containing content type headers sent by browser) so that xml content type would be the first element. That would then trigger format.xml in our respond_to block.

However that approach does not work in Rails 2.2.2, because now the request.accepts array is frozen and it cannot be modified. I spent some time googling for the solution, but with no effect. So I dived into the API and Rails' source code and came up with pretty nice and simple solution to the problem.

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_filter :xhr_to_xml

  def xhr_to_xml
    request.format = :xml if request.xhr?

This piece of code is an equivalent of the snippet I proposed in the article I referred to at the beginning. Now all ajax request will trigger format.xml in respond_to blocks.

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