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wroc_love.rb strikes again

Jan Dudulski

February 13, 2013 | conference wroclaw ruby conference wroc_love.rb

Do you remember the beauty march in Wrocław last year? The amazing event happened and we’re proudly announcing that its sequel is coming in less than a month: the “fresh Ruby-oriented conference in Wrocław, Poland” will take place on March 1–3rd, 2013.

wroc_love.rb 2013

Visit this year’s website.

Just check the list of the speakers, and be sure that the last year was just a warm-up. New conventions, talks fully loaded with meat, and long run of before and after parties. A lot of important mind-changes that will result in hot discussions will strike again, with fresh additions and surprises.

wroc_love.rb 2012

Last year’s discussions were intense and very informative.

Find, talk and grab a beer with us during the conference! If you’re reading this blog, then you definitely should.

You can follow wroc_love.rb on Twitter and Facebook. Keep an eye on the blog for the next batch of tickets if you still don’t have one.

Learn more!
Learn more!