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Speed up your IoT development with ready-to-go middlewares. Round three: IBM Bluemix
In the IoT cloud world, there are few brands that are recognisable at the beginning. IBM BlueMix is one of them. Moreover, they are one of the pioneers in IoT cloud solutions. They’ve grown to be a platform that has a...
Kamil Górski

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How we built a truly Smart Office system based on Raspberry Pi
Last year, when Monterail decided to change their office to be a bigger and better-designed place , they decided that it should also be smarter. I was introduced to the team as a person who could make this happen. I...
Kamil Górski

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IoT conferences worth visiting in 2016
We’re in the middle of the 3rd quarter this year and, as always, it will probably pass by extremely quickly. So I decided to take a closer look at some interesting IoT events coming up before we have to get used to...
Kamil Górski

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Speed up your IoT development with ready-to-go middlewares. Round two: Samsung ARTIK
Solid brand: Samsung ARTIK After some digging around in an IoT R&D project, I came across this IoT platform which is quite clearly promoted by Samsung. They organized a contest at hackster for innovative solutions to be...
Kamil Górski

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Speed up your IoT development with ready to go middlewares. Round one: Kii
Introduction Ever since the creation of the IoT division at Monterail, we've been trying to solve one particular question. In terms of developing an IoT project from scratch, when should we use an existing IoT solution?...
Kamil Górski
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