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Angularjs vs Angular in 2021 - when and how to migrate your app?
Getting into a project based on AngularJS in its 1.4 version is not the most exciting thing that can happen to a programmer in 2021. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re a junior front-end developer or a senior...
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Angular, the Successor of AngularJS, Is Thriving and Has Big Plans for the Future. An Interview with Stephen Fluin
AngularJS revolutionized how we build modern apps. In early July, AngularJS entered its long-term support phase, which means that the Google team will no longer be merging any new features or fixes that would require...
Karolina Gawron
Easyship case study

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Easyship case study: How They Switched From AngularJS to Vue and Increased Website Performance by 37%
For any digital product, a website may either work as a well-oiled lead generation machine or slow down business growth if the execution is mangled.
Karolina Gawron
AngularJS entering LTS

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Long Term Support for AngularJS: What Are Viable Alternatives for Your App?
Having an AngularJS app in 2018 probably means one of two things: either the app has been abandoned and isn’t really used or you’ve been thinking about migrating to another framework, but the time and costs that would...
Karolina Gawron

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Angular non-trivial performance hints
Is Angular really that slow? I read many opinions that AngularJS is a framework for creating slow frontend applications. Authorities on the topic provide numerous arguments about this and I mostly agree with them. This...
Radek Markiewicz

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5 tips on how to use AngularJS with Rails that changed how we work
For the last year, the Monterail team has been using AngularJS and Rails together. I'd like to share with you some of the experiences that we've gained throughout this process. If you don't want to read, then go ahead...
Dariusz Gertych

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Rails has a younger brother - we are AngularJS developers
A friend of mine who's trying to get into programming after several years working in various IT positions asked me recently: „What exactly is back-end?”. Thinking about the difference, I realised that the line between...
Bartosz Pietrzak
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