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wroc_love.rb - another solid year
Over the weekend of March 13th–15th, Wrocław hosted another edition of wroc_love.rb – the best Java PHP conference in the Ruby world. Ruby is our life and our love, so showing up here was a no brainer – twelve people...
Michał Simka

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ng-europe: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Disclaimer This post is not an abstract of ng-europe lectures. Instead, the goal is to summarize our experience as participants. Things are happening
Krzysztof Jung

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Startup Camp Berlin: Zen and The Art of Nearshore Agile Development
One of Monterail clients is Stefan Wolpers. On top of other dozen exciting things, Stefan organizes StartUp Camp Berlin. We have been lucky enough to be invited by him to the event. So Bartosz and I spent the last...
Szymon Boniecki
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