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How We Built a Truly Smart Office System Based on Raspberry Pi
Last year, when Monterail decided to change their office to be a bigger and better-designed place , they decided that it should also be smarter. I was introduced to the team as a person who could make this happen. I...
Kamil Górski

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How Switzerland Became Europe's Leading Medtech Hub
What usually comes to mind when you hear “worldwide medical technology leader”? The US, the UK, maybe Germany? Surprisingly, the position is occupied by neither of those—it’s Switzerland that’s currently the undisputed...
Joanna Staromiejska

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Digital Transformation In Healthcare—How Apps Fuse Medicine and Tech
One app tells you when to sleep, another reminds you to drink enough water. Health-related apps, designed to track your daily runs, guide you through meditation sessions, or even help with fertility, are a sprawling...
Joanna Staromiejska

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How We Improved Our Raspberry Pi-based Smart Office with Node.js
You know, truth be told, there’s more than a couple of IoT geeks on our team here at Monterail. In late 2015, we set up a Raspberry Pi-based smart office system at our Wrocław offices, a process that one of my...
Artur Rosa

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Amazon’s Alexa Skill Development Tutorial: the Conf Room Manager
Amazon Alexa, the popular voice assistant helping with everyday tasks, has become a best friend to many households in the US and elsewhere. The list of available features for Alexa development, released by both Amazon...
Tomasz Kapłon

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Ideas For Potential IoT Applications Using LED Light Bulbs
This is a guest post written by Jocelyn Brown - freelance technology writer specializing in home and business solutions and developments.
Karolina Gawron

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5 Ways How Agile IoT Improves Hardware Business
We know that for some people hardware devices plus Agile just doesn’t sum up. Agile may even feel a bit odd for hardware development, with all the tools and processes behind it. The problem is, hardware is often...


Speed up IoT Development with Middlewares. Round three: IBM Bluemix
In the IoT cloud world, there are few brands that are recognisable at the beginning. IBM BlueMix is one of them. Moreover, they are one of the pioneers in IoT cloud solutions. They’ve grown to be a platform that has a...
Kamil Górski

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IoT HealthTech App: Building Heartbeat Detector Using Phone Camera
A few months ago I bought a smartband. The main idea being prosaic - I wanted to receive notifications from a smartphone as well as have a good pedometer. A few weeks after the purchase, the same company came out with a...
Wojciech Maciejak

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IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona 2016
A while ago three members of our IoT team recently had a chance to visit the beautiful city of Barcelona in order to participate in one of the best known and most exciting IoT events this year - IoT Solutions World...
Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz

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IoT Prototype in 15 minutes
IoT - Internet of Things has been a hot topic in IT industry for some time. It's currently considered to be the fastest growing market, so why not have a closer look about how to build your first prototype, using...
Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz

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Internet of Things Conferences Worth Visiting in 2016
We’re in the middle of the 3rd quarter this year and, as always, it will probably pass by extremely quickly. So I decided to take a closer look at some interesting IoT events coming up before we have to get used to...
Kamil Górski

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IoT with Elixir and CoAp Part 2: Easily Prototype, Build IoT Platform
We are back with the second part of our IoT development series. Please check out the first part for a brief description of the CoAP protocol and introduction to what we are trying to achieve.
Michał Podwórny

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Speed up IoT Development with Middlewares. Round two: Samsung ARTIK
Solid brand: Samsung ARTIK After some digging around in an IoT R&D project, I came across this IoT platform which is quite clearly promoted by Samsung. They organized a contest at hackster for innovative solutions to be...
Kamil Górski

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Speed up IoT Development with Middlewares. Round one: Kii
Ever since the creation of the IoT division at Monterail, we've been trying to solve one particular question. In terms of developing an IoT project from scratch, when should we use an existing IoT solution? At first, it...
Kamil Górski

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Monterale Breweree: How we merge passion of brewing beer with IoT
There are people that like to drink beer. Then, there are people that like to taste beer. People that can tell the difference between different kinds of water, hops, malts and yeasts. Perfectly balanced, those basic...
Paweł Hawrylak
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