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Custom maintenance page for nginx

Jan Dudulski

November 21, 2012 | nginx ruby on rails web servers

From time to time you need to turn off your app to make some more complicated changes, fix the mess when something goes wrong etc. In short - you want to turn maintenance mode on. In this brief article I will show you the simplest solution for apps running on awesome nginx.

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Nginx+Unicorn configuration for multi-app servers

Michał Szajbe

June 20, 2012 | rails rack nginx ruby on rails web servers unicorn upstart monit

Platform as a service is getting more and more traction recently. However it doesn't mean that one should start developing his applications with Heroku or Engine Yard in mind from now on. Self-managed solutions, be it own dedicated servers or using cloud infrastructure (like Rackspace Cloud), are still valid choices in most situations.

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Outbound API rate limits: the nginx way

Bartosz Pietrzak

July 26, 2011 | rails nginx api calls throttling web servers api api rates limits

Implementing external API rate limits can be painful. There are some solutions that aim at this problem - let's take Slow Web for example - but things tend to complicate when we start using background jobs, or even oldschool cron-rake setup. Slow web takes care of one environment at a time, not to mention that it relies on Net::HTTP so you can forget using more powerful stuff like Typhoeus.

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