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Decoupling models and workflow

Kacper Pucek

January 21, 2017 | ruby rails workflow howto state_machine


If you've ever found yourself adding another boolean flag to mark your object's state, chances are you would greatly benefit from introducing the workflow or aasm gems. Those two are best-known and most well-proven state-machine solutions in the Ruby world. I had the chance to work with both of them and found the experience pleasing. Today I'm going to concentrate only on the latter. I encourage you to check both and decide what best suits your needs.

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How we built a workflow for an Internet of Things R&D team

Grzegorz Hajdukiewicz

March 25, 2016 | workflow process management iot rnd engineering

Diverse nature of creation

I was always really keen on building stuff. First it was with Lego blocks, which we all know from our childhood (I still love to build Lego with my nephew). Later, it became simple fighting robots that were entered in local contests - a group of friends and I tried to build some extremely amateur electronics and mechanical structures. After years of studying Mechatronics, leading scientific society, working as low-level developer and finally as a project manager, it became pretty clear to me that constructing is not only about screws, wires and lines of code.

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We use Trello.

Szymon Boniecki

February 27, 2013 | communication project management trello workflow

It is said that anyone ever involved in setting up a process of managing software development had an idea of coming up with his own custom tool and workflow. Specifically in web software development.

We’ve all been there. We’ve gone through all existing tools and, this way or another, found our best shot. Heard of kanban? It’s as easy as 1–2–3 to tear it into pieces, take what fits, and call yourself agile. Daily inertia inside a busy software house hive has proved it all right.

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