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Last Chance to Get Ahead of GDPR

Get a list of 30 questions you need to answer with a legal commentary from an IT lawyer. Find out what to do to stay compliant and get the GDPR struggle finally off your chest.

There’s no universal GDPR checklist that would keep every digital business on the safe side. But there are questions that each one of them should answer.

Take a few minutes to answer the questions diligently and then challenge them using recommendations from Kamila Koszewicz—an IT lawyer, and expert in personal data protection.

Fill out the form and get the list!

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About the author:

Kamila Koszewicz is an in-house lawyer at Monterail with seven years of experience in IT law and personal data protection. Monitoring the legislative process of the GDPR since 2012 (and participating in it) allowed her to identify all the relevant areas which should be taken care of in order to ensure compliance with the new regulation. And now, all of her expertise in the matter is within your reach.

“Why do I need this?”

Based on your answers and recommendations from our IT lawyer, you’ll be able to craft a “to do” list that will allow you to avoid hefty non-compliance fines.

“Will this make me GDPR-compliant?”

It will help you get a few steps closer to full compliance. After answering our questions, discuss them with your team and a lawyer to create your custom checklist.

“Why should I trust this is a reliable list?”

Our team uses those same questions while working on projects for our clients and we back it with our own brand. And that should say it all.

Monterail is a Web development and design agency based in Poland. Our GDPR-conscious team delivers reliable software for clients from the US and Europe.