Join us for a new adventure!

Monterail Vue.js Bootcamp

Launching by the end of February 2022

It’s an intensive 2-month course where you’ll learn not only how to speak Vue.js but more importantly: you’ll gain all the skills and knowledge needed for efficient software development.

It's 2 months bootcamp

It’s 2-month long

Paid bootcamp Monterail

salary for the duration of the bootcamp

Monterail Vue.js Bootcamp

Grow with Vue.js

That’s right, while honing your programming skills, you’ll learn the best programming practices, client communication, project estimation, and how to really solve problems — all of it designed to prepare you for working in a commercial project.

And that’s the whole point — we want you to become a true developer because there’s a chance you’ll stay with us!

Official Vue.js Partner

You will be learning from the only official Vue.js partner headquartered in Europe and working directly with the team of experts responsible for adding 30+ Vue.js projects to Monterail’s portfolio.

What you need to know

Enrollment until the 17th of January

It’s 2-month long

It’s 100% remote, but you can also join in our office in Wrocław

You can become a part of Monterail afterward

You’ll receive a salary from us for the duration of the bootcamp

Learn from our experts

This is our 3rd bootcamp adventure, and we’ve learned a ton with the previous two! Read more about it in our blogpost.

And remember: we want to teach you how to solve problems, this bootcamp is about much, much more than just coding.

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