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Posts by Jan Dudulski

Angular  Ruby/Rails 

Server form validation with Angular.js
At Monterail, we’ve fallen in love with Angular.js. It focuses on data and state instead of how your DOM should look like and where all those ids and classnames are. Unfortunately, there are still fields with dragons...
Jan Dudulski


From Monterail with Love #4
This time we’re going to give you some cool demos presenting the power of HTML5 and JavaScript, Vim and single page apps-related articles, and some good Git practices.
Jan Dudulski

PHP  Development  Ruby/Rails 

The One Year Tale
It seems like it happened yesterday. I arrived at the flat in a crumbling tenement located in the Old Town of Wrocław and my journey into the Ruby world began. The community was already large and very active, so I...
Jan Dudulski

JavaScript  Development  Ruby/Rails 

From Monterail with Love #1
A couple of months ago Bartosz described how we use Facebook to improve communication in our team. Actually most of the content on our wall are more or less interesting links from the internet. We quickly noticed a...
Jan Dudulski

Development  Ruby/Rails 

Custom maintenance page for nginx
From time to time you need to turn off your app to make some more complicated changes, fix the mess when something goes wrong etc. In short - you want to turn maintenance mode on. In this brief article I will show you...
Jan Dudulski

JavaScript  jQuery  Ruby/Rails 

How I learnt about jQuery Deferred thanks to Rails
If you are not a regular JS developer but Ruby one or whatever, you probably don't know every feature of JavaScript or jQuery, even if you use them every day. But some of them are worth spending some time to get to know...
Jan Dudulski
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