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Community, from Monterail with love


No one lives in a vacuum. At Monterail, we're all members of the global web community as well as local communities in Wrocław. And we're proud to say that.

Open sourced at heart

For us, open source contributions are a way to repay our debt to the community of developers and activists. We’ve used their tools, gems and libraries to give our clients value.

It’s time to share our collection as well.


projects in our public GitHub repository

Rails Assets

Rails Assets is the frictionless proxy between Bundler and Bower. It automatically converts the packaged components into gems that are easily droppable into your assetpipeline and stay up to date.

stars on GitHub and counting
A lot
of time saved by Rails Assets

Szymon,co-founder, writes why it’s hard to manage assets in Rails applications and how we solved this.

Szymon Boniecki
The missing link between reasonable asset management in Rails apps struck us as obvious every time someone had to update old client-side libraries by hand. It’s almost as if you just realized something is completely broken with what we were doing.

GitHub Code Review

GHCR is a tool for code reviewing GitHub commits. It seamlessly integrates with your browser and GitHub’s user interface to let you accept or reject commits that will go to production.

accepted commits
commits we discussed thanks to GHCR

Dariusz,developer, explains the philosophy behind code reviews at Monterail.

Dariusz Gertych
The truth is, the only way to produce good code as a team is to let others review it and then apply their feedback. At Monterail, we built an internal tool exactly for this that we are now open-sourcing, because, well, we’re team players at heart.

AngularJS-based datepicker with mighty options. Built with MomentJS.

HTTP and server side cache integration for Grape and Rails.

Delayed Redis engine backend for Faye Ruby server. Enables delivey of messages that were sent before a client has connected to the channel.

RSpec’s custom matchers for Rails query counter to prevent N+1 issue.

Faye’s client wrapper for AngularJS.

jQuery UJS replacement for data-method. Works great with Rails.

A simple gem to get the city, state and time zone for a given ZIP code. It has a YAML database bundled with it, so you need several MB of memory for the hash.

Kaminari paginator integration for Grape API framework.

The Morfologik Polish Analysis plugin integrates Lucene Morfologik Polish analysis module into Elasticsearch.

Hash-version of Array#map that is recursive and works on keys and values simultaneously.

In place "request in progress" indicator. Add an indicator to any element that starts an AJAX request when clicked. Will not work when long-polling is present!

Global HTTP spinner for AngularJS.

Redis Browser UI that can list all keys as tree, see content of all redis types and can be mounted to a Rails application as an engine.

Memory-efficient XML parser. Finds object definitions in XML and translates them into Ruby objects. It uses SAX parser under the hood, which means that it doesn't load the whole XML file into memory.

We'd love to meet

There’s nothing more exciting than going out there and saying why what you do matters. That’s what drives us when we organize, support and attend to local events in both Wrocław. We love to listen to what others do; we love to share what we’ve done.

So… when and where would you like to talk?


Events we're proud to organize

UX Wroclaw

meet.js Wrocław

MeetJS meetings are JavaScript barcamp meetings in Poland. Every month, we host presentations and discussions on everything JavaScript-related. Events take place on the fourth Monday of every month.

UX Wrocław

UX Wrocław, co-organizers

UX Wrocław is a meetup for UX designers in Wrocław, but everyone who’s keen on user experience, information architecture, usability or HCI is invited as well.

Wrocław of Technology

Wrocław university of technology workshops

Wrocław University of Technology is a technical university in Wrocław, Poland. We’re organizing pro bono workshops for students who want to learn how modern web applications are created in practice.

We're also happy to be hosting Angularjs Wrocław & Wrocław service jam in our office.