Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice

How we do it at Monterail?

We are a company where words like diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords. We want everyone in our company to be treated with the same respect, kindness, and patience; no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they believe in. This statement aims to support a community of inclusion at Monterail. Where our co-workers feel included and accepted. To feel free to share their opinions with others, inspire, and give feedback, no matter their:

  • Background 
  • Family status
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Sexual orientation
  • Native language
  • Age

  • Race/ethnicity
  • National origin
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Religion
  • Beliefs
  • Role or seniority

Naturally, our company was created with growth in mind. However, it is and always will be important for our growth to be healthy and steady. Grow quickly enough to be a top competitor but slow enough not to get lost in the whirlwind; while still having time to put things into perspective and readjust if needed. Making sure that diversity and inclusion in our company doesn’t suffer as we grow, is key for everyone.


How do we make it work?

Executive Team

Szymon Boniecki
Szymon Boniecki

Szymon Boniecki

CO-Founder at Monterail

Since starting the company in 2010, we have strived to create an environment where all people feel accepted and valued. This has been my experience from outside the business world. However, I quickly learned that maintaining diversity at Monterail has brought us and our clients value by facilitating creativity in our team, who in turn, can create better software.  

I strongly believe that everyone should have equal chances to pursue their career goals - whatever they may be. Obstacles can be hidden and hard to spot, especially when you’re part of the dominant social group. And dominant social groups are more often than not the decision-makers who shape the organizational reality. There’s a paradox here: we may want to do good, perceive our actions that way, but at the end of the day - that’s not enough.

There’s huge value in diversity - different backgrounds, mindsets, and skillsets can open up new perspectives that shape the business and deliver results. It allows for reaching untapped talent pools that don’t fit the “we like to work with people like us” skew which we often follow. Ultimately - working with and learning from a diverse array of people makes you a better specialist, leader, and person. There’s interest for everybody to approach the topic of diversity proactively.

Bartosz Rega
Bartosz Rega

Bartosz Rega

CO-Founder at Monterail

Katarzyna Tatomir-Rebeś
Katarzyna Tatomir-Rebeś

Katarzyna Tatomir-Rebeś

COO at Monterail

It's essential to immerse the whole team in the topic of diversity and share with them the importance of it. We shouldn’t shy away, but rather embrace it and work towards maintaining an ongoing conversation. Recently we held an inspiring event in cooperation with a well known audio streaming service. I was happy to see lots of people from our team joining in and contributing towards such an important matter.

Workplace diversity

We know the value various experiences bring to a company. That’s why our youngest employee is only 22, and our oldest 44. This grants us an amazing opportunity to learn about opinions and approaches from a wide range of experiences! We have a strong female representation in C-level management and Team Heads - already 40%. Furthermore, 40% of the whole workplace is made up of women.


We make sure that our new mums and dads get the flexibility and care needed to feel good and rested when they come back to us after their leave.

We have hired people from

Countries like Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Spain, Brasil, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Romania, Armenia, Georgia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, and we are not stopping there. We make sure to give the right support to every person who is relocating or joining our team to work remotely.

Salary ranges available to everyone

There’s no space for wage disparities in Monterail. Having our salary ranges public to our co-workers and also potential candidates, makes it a lot more fair and a lot more easier for everyone!

Gender neutral bathrooms

Yep, it’s not a lot. But if there’s a queue, there’s a queue for everyone!

Your D&I toolkit

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Diversity and inclusion at Monterail

We recognize and thrive on the benefits of diversity and inclusion. Different opinions, outlooks, and experiences have shaped us into the company that we are today, without them we wouldn't have come this far. It’s a place where your opinion will be heard no matter who you are, who you identify as, what you believe in, and where you come from.