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How to Start Using Generative AI (Like GPT-4) in Your Business
Recently, we talked in-depth about what generative AI is and how your business can benefit from some of its more popular tools, such as ChatGPT, MidJourney, and Jasper.
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6 Ways to Ensure Product Design Generates Project ROI

Product Design 

6 Ways to Ensure Product Design Generates Project ROI
In today's landscape of web and mobile software development, Product Design plays a crucial role in determining the success of a product.
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Challenges and Solutions in Developing English-Arabic Applications
Implementing bilingual or multilingual support in software comes with its own set of challenges. It’s not always possible to do a simple 1-to-1 translation, as text impacts a surprisingly high number of features and...
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Our Experience Working With Partners in the Middle East
Monterail has had exciting projects with Middle Eastern partners and also keeps a regular presence in the region: our team visits Dubai often for meetings and events, such as the Step Conference. These were fruitful...
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Hi!5 Sabbatical - What We've Learned After Three Years and 20 Leaves
We introduced the Hi!5 Sabbatical initiative to Monterail in June 2019. Three years and almost 20 leaves later, we take a step back to reflect on how it’s been - and what’s coming next.
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Ruby on Rails Bootcamp - Key Takeaways From Participants
In 2022 we are holding our third Rubycamp. It’s a unique bootcamp dedicated to Ruby on Rails where, for two months, participants immerse themselves in Ruby with hands-on mentoring by experts.
Carlos Oliveira
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