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Blockchain management

ZebPay - Case Study


Blockchain address management dashboard for the leading cryptocurrency exchange in India


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The Company and Product

Founded in India in 2014, ZebPay is a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange platform, with headquarters in Singapore and growing global popularity. The company has a steady user base of 5+ million - the significant user segments are based in India, Australia, and Singapore.

Rapidly expanding across continents, ZebPay is a favorite of crypto investors, crypto traders, and the like. With its specialized Bitcoin and blockchain team, the company thrives, empowering its users by employing easy-to-use cryptocurrency wallets that are secure and reliable.

ZebPay Wallets Dashboard
Akshay Khare
We’re really happy with the code’s quality that has been given to us. At ZebPay, the goal is to hire A+ people, and we don’t want to compromise on quality when we hire developers, so the process usually takes some time. Monterail met our expectations right away - we got the people who were really trying to understand us. Akshay Khare Head of Engineering at ZebPay

Scope and Highlights

  • 3.5months to launching the web app
  • 3challenges solved by optimizing the process

The Challenge

Following the rapid growth in the past years, ZebPay had three main challenges when they decided to find a technology partner: an ever-increasing number of transactions, an expanding user base, and cryptocurrency prices that change on an hourly basis. Now, the team wanted to make sure that they would be able to track all of these adjustments and address them as needed. That is why in addition to the revamped web application, they also needed an internal blockchain address management system.

It’s worth mentioning that in the months before the beginning of our collaboration, the ZebPay’s platform registered the highest trade volumes in its history, at 40-50 million USD daily. With that in mind, it was - and still is - important for them to be able to create a stable environment for the ZebPay users and help them manage their crypto wallets. 

The internal dashboard our team was working on was a crucial step in achieving these. Until the start of the project, the ZebPay team used automated spreadsheets to keep track of blockchain addresses of the app’s users. Now they needed a more complex and usable solution that would allow them to add new addresses, search through them, and assign them to different cryptocurrencies.

They also wanted to integrate it with Trezor, a third-party application and hardware product that would enable the ZebPay team to quickly verify the addresses. This part was completed via Trezor’s API.

Key challenges of the project included:

ZebPay Wallet
ZebPay Admin Pannel

The Process

The team at ZebPay wanted the dashboard to be integrated with Trezor, a third-party application and hardware product that would enable the ZebPay team to quickly verify the addresses. This part was completed using Trezor’s API.

As the next step, our specialists build the blockchain management platform using an extensive and state-of-the-art tech stack. React, Next.js, and Tailwind were the technologies of choice for this product, with the latter selected by our Tech Lead. Node, Nest.js, and Prisma were used for backend development.

This is how we made it happen:

Jedrzej Ginter
With the scope of the project precisely defined at the very beginning, we were able to move swiftly with the implementation. The substantial challenge was integrating the dashboard with Trezor but thanks to the team members' experience and documentation, this part could also be completed without any hurdles. Jędrzej Ginter SENIOR DEVELOPER

The Outcome

The results of our collaboration is an internal blockchain platform used as an address management dashboard. It allows for tracking virtual cryptocurrency wallets and is integrated with Trezor, a hardware cryptocurrency storage solution. The ZebPay team can also add new members onto the dashboard and allow them to verify and manage the blockchain addresses promptly and efficiently.

The project started in March 2022, and the dashboard was released on production in the second week of July 2022. As of now, it is now widely used by the ZebPay team with a significant impact on their internal operations and processes.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

ZebPay Dashboard