The Updated State of Vue.js
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Case studies and survey about the progressive JavaScript framework for developers and CTOs. Find out what programmers say about Vue in 2019.

What’s inside

Get real-life numbers, data, and case studies for Vue.js and learn if it fits your next project. From this book you’ll find out:

  • What’s coming for Vue.js in 2019 according to Evan You, the framework’s creator
  • How companies such as Behance, IBM, and Laravel use Vue.js
  • How developers use Vue in practice
  • What’s still missing in Vue.js according to its users

...and many more facts, figures, and info to feed your brain with.

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Read State of Vue.js 2017

Reading case studies from the report gave me a fresh perspective on some of the main doubts I had about Vue. They provide great examples of how it scales in terms of architecture and teams and prove it's a truly viable alternative for other JS framework.

Mardav Wala
Frontend developer

I already described a lot of technical arguments why we should use Vue over React to my team. Having these case studies to back up these arguments are a tremendous support. Really useful document!

Jeroen van Veen
Fullstack developer at Spindle

The testimonials were very inspirational and informative. I was set to use React for my next project, but since app performance is going to be key, the report convinced me to take a second look at Vue.js.

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