UX Wrocław's Refresh

Kamil Nicieja

UX Wrocław's Refresh

After almost nine months since the last event, another UX Wrocław event took place last week.

UX Wrocław is an initiative curated by CHI Polska association; its goal is to unite and share knowledge between Wrocław’s UX community through presenting various case studies and interviews as well as initiating discussions and promoting good solutions.

“The user is not always the focus”

Although Codetunes is a company blog, I want to say that I was personally pleased to hear about the UX Wrocław meetup's refresh, especially after such a long break. First of all, UX Wrocław was one of the first events I attended after I had begun my master’s degree at University of Wrocław and moved in to the city. The second reason, connected with this particular meeting, is that last week Monterail’s product designer Krzysztof Trzewiczek presented the case study of Cooleaf platform’s redefinition. As one of Cooleaf’s developers, it was a pleasure to hear some unbiased opinions about the product during the discussion.

As you can imagine, when I heard about the initiative’s refresh I was all for it. But at the same time I was worried that a long break might happen again. That’s why I was quite happy to hear that the organisers want to not only reactivate the formula of regular meetups, but to also diversify it.

Here's the natural direction: use case studies as an excuse to organize some workshops about the idea that participants previously discussed. As a developer who is also a UX wannabe, I would love to get some insight from more experienced colleagues. And for the record: it wouldn’t need to be “real”, 3-day workshops — just a platform to share some knowledge that's more serious than the after party discussions, but at the same time less committing than a day-long event.

I believe this is a niche to fill and UX Wrocław might be a solution.

Perhaps the idea will get some traction in the community. Nonetheless, I’m really happy to see that the idea of Wrocław UX meetings lives on.

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