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Cooleaf, case study


From startup to a profitable product for B2B market

What we did for Cooleaf

  • Product Workshops

    Product workshop

  • MVP development

    MVP development

  • Business Analysis

    Business analysis

  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile app development

  • New user interface system

    New user interface system

  • Ruby on Rails and Angular JS app

    Ruby on Rails and AngularJS app

Cooleaf main view

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Cooleaf mobile app was announced the best B2B/enterprise application during Atlanta Mobile Awards 2016.

Atlanta Mobile Awards 2016 logo

We have been Cooleaf’s partner for over 5 years now. Together we developed a brand new product designed for an entirely new market in web and mobile version.


Cooleaf founders came to us with an idea for a B2B web-based product: a platform letting teams find activities they love to empower shared interests and passions. During first year of collaboration, the whole idea of the app evolved a lot. All in all, in 2013 we started working on a completely new concept of the MVP. Here’s where this story begins.

The founders needed Rails app with frontend in Angular as Single Page Application. The challenge consisted of three core points:

  1. Defining completely novel idea and delivering an unprecedented user experience.
  2. Consideration and analysis of the product to define the purpose and come up with new features.
  3. Delivering the product MVP including design, frontend, and backend.


The process

Design workshops & MVP development

We aimed to design a new product to appeal to corporate-level organizations. To do this, we began an intense design collaboration. We started with online design workshops, which took about 120 hours spent on Skype. Within just two months, we had built not only the MVP, but also a Minimum Buyable Product.

Rewriting mobile app

Releasing the product to the market it became clear that Cooleaf needed a mobile version of its app. They came to us with an in-progress mobile application that was hard to maintain and develop. We suggested switching to the Ionic technology to deliver mobile app for Android and iOS at once in the most efficient way. Core activities on this stage included:

  1. Rewriting hard-to-maintain native codebase for mobile
  2. Finalizing design phase in web and mobile version of the app.
  3. Mobile app development and its release to app stores after 273 hours of work.
Katarzyna Tatomir

Katarzyna Tatomir

Project manager

“With Ionic we managed to develop Cooleaf mobile app in two months for two platforms. Soon after the release it was announced the best B2B application during Atlanta Mobile Awards 2016. It felt more than awesome!”

Michał Simka

Michał Simka

Ruby on Rails developer

“The development pace was crazy. By 2013 there were 4 people involved in the project and we’d gone into overdrive to meet all requirements and deadlines.”

The outcome

We managed to release both web and mobile apps accordingly to the established deadlines. With a swift MVP release, Cooleaf sales team could immediately begin looking for a market fit. Ever since, we use agile methodologies to deliver releasable product after every iteration, giving Cooleaf a competitive advantage.

Now Cooleaf serves numerous enterprise clients from different countries including Citibank and Turner. The success consisted of those ingredients:

  1. Dedicated Project Manager serving as a consultant, person of contact, and a translator from technical to business language.

  2. Crazy work pace during delivery of the app MVP accordingly to the deadlines.

  3. Partnership relation, trust, and transparent communication.


16 000

active users
who love Cooleaf


days to deliver
MVP of the product


hours to the release of mobile app
for iOS, Android and Windows

Cooleaf mockups

What Cooleaf says

John Duisberg

It took Monterail 6 weeks to deliver us a beautifully designed app for iOS and Android. I didn't even know it is possible! Each stage of the development was conducted professionally and in a timely manner: from the concept, through the implementation to final steps.

John Duisberg

Co-founder, Cooleaf

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