Pragmatic Breakfast with PragPub Magazine

I grew up in the golden era of monthly magazines about computer games (rest in peace Reset and Świat Gier Komputerowych). I was so crazy about them that I would look through the window by telescope to verify if a new issue had landed at the nearest newsstand.

Thanks to this sentiment, I fell in love with PragPub magazine at first sight. I cannot imagine a better topic for the morning breakfast at our huge kitchen in the center of our Monterail heart.

It pays off so well that I've decided to share some recommendations with you. A few months ago we introduced the idea of Tech Leads in our company. I cannot overstate how the New Manager's Playbook series by Marcus Blankenship (since December 2014) has helped me find my way in this new role. From time to time, I share articles with our awesome PM team that help with estimations or organizing work in a team. One example is from the January issue, where Johanna Rothman shared an idea that, for your customers, you should measure progress by counting delivered features, not story points or any other abstract thing.

Of course it is not just about management, but mostly about programming! I must admit that I don't know any other resource of this quality that has such a breadth of topics while also staying on the edge. For example, Elixir is seeing a lot of traction these days, but did you know that before his book Programming Elixir was published in October 2014, Dave Thomas had already authored a number of articles about the language for PragPub during the middle of 2013?

Clojure, Scala, Functional programming, Arduino are all covered, just to mention a few topics touched on by the magazine. Ever since August 2013 you have to pay for new issues, but the first 49 will stay free forever so you can check if this magazine and coffee make a perfect fit for your breakfast too!

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