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Introduction To Agile Retrospective: Dos and Don'ts For Project Managers

I remember hearing about Agile for the first time. The concept behind it seemed pretty straightforward: sprints, planning sessions, and backlog—it all looked like it could really help us accomplish more in the same timeframe (especially in comparison to Waterfall). 

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Communication challenges in Agile Project Management

Communication is a key element of the majority of actions undertaken in both private and professional life. If we know how to do it efficiently in business, we are able to build a strong brand and gain the attention of our co-workers and – what is more important – our customers.

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Project Management guide on how to start a Web Development project with a remote team

How to make your relationship last

Starting a project with a new client is a lot like starting a relationship: you went on a few dates and you definitely like each other, but you are still distinct people with a different background and you have to be sure you agree on some fundamental things to make it last. Otherwise sooner or later these dissimilarities will haunt you and the beautiful thing you had together.

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Fixed price vs. Time&Materials

One of the main goals of a Project Manager is to maintain a comfortable environment for developers in order to let them do their job in the best way possible.

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How we built a workflow for an Internet of Things R&D team

Diverse nature of creation

I was always really keen on building stuff. First it was with Lego blocks, which we all know from our childhood (I still love to build Lego with my nephew). Later, it became simple fighting robots that were entered in local contests - a group of friends and I tried to build some extremely amateur electronics and mechanical structures. After years of studying Mechatronics, leading scientific society, working as low-level developer and finally as a project manager, it became pretty clear to me that constructing is not only about screws, wires and lines of code.

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Pragmatic breakfast with PragPub magazine

I grew up in the golden era of monthly magazines about computer games (rest in peace Reset and Świat Gier Komputerowych). I was so crazy about them that I would look through the window by telescope to verify if a new issue had landed at the nearest newsstand.

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Agile resource planning: How to start a new project next Monday

Problems we've had

We cannot predict the future.

This is what makes our lives exciting, but it could be also very annoying when you're forced to make a decision without sufficient information.

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Why we love paying for Trello

Trello recently launched an early access of „Business Class” (if you don't have it yet, you can apply here).

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We use Trello.

It is said that anyone ever involved in setting up a process of managing software development had an idea of coming up with his own custom tool and workflow. Specifically in web software development.

We’ve all been there. We’ve gone through all existing tools and, this way or another, found our best shot. Heard of kanban? It’s as easy as 1–2–3 to tear it into pieces, take what fits, and call yourself agile. Daily inertia inside a busy software house hive has proved it all right.

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