VueConf Early Bird Tickets Sale Starts in Two Days

Karolina Gawron

VueConf Early Bird Tickets Sale Starts in Two Days

We’ve already mentioned our idea of VueConf 2017 some time ago and if you’re a Vue.js developer you probably know the news.

Monterail together with Evan You (the creator of Vue.js) is organizing the first worldwide conference focused on Vue.js! It will be held from June 21-23 in Wrocław, Poland, and we just cannot be more excited!

In two days (March 9) at 3 pm CET we’re starting the early bird ticket sale (first 10 tickets for 199€ + VAT) on the VueConf website, so if you want to meet Evan You, Sarah Drasner (CSS-Tricks), Blake Newman (Sainsbury’s), Jacob Schatz (GitLab), and other field experts, this is the place to be.

What’s the idea behind VueConf?

VueConf is an international conference for like-minded developers and Vue hobbyists. We want to bring the most inspiring tech-talks and in-depth case studies from the community’s leading developers. If you’re looking for Vue.js 101, you will not find it at VueConf. Presented talks will cover advanced topics such as testing, animations and large-scale applications, all based on real-life case studies from various companies around the world.

It’s our job to provide you with the best possible experience and space to learn something new. Zero sales and marketing talks that no one wants to hear. 

Besides the conference talks, we invite all attendees to an afterparty and a Wroclaw sightseeing tour! VueConf is also about meeting new people and spending some memorable moments in the most beautiful city in Poland.

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How it all started

At Monterail, we’ve been using Vue.js for about four years now. We kinda fell for this framework (because it’s great, duh) working with it on a daily basis. We enjoy it to the point, that our developers have decided to contribute to the Vue ecosystem by creating several popular open-source libraries.

This is how Vue-multiselect, atom-vue-hyperclick and most recently Vuelidate were born. We also started Vue-Newsletter that has already gathered around 3,500 active subscribers and hosted a remote Q&A session with Evan You. We certainly don’t want to stop just there, so expect more in the near future!


During all of our efforts, we stumbled upon the idea of creating a Vue-oriented conference. We shared the idea with Evan and here we are! Every great framework deserves a great conference, right?


During 2 days we will hold over 14 top-notch talks presented by experts from around the world. We’ve already announced 4 of them on the VueConf website. Hey, we don’t want to spoil the whole story at once! Prepare yourself for 2 new announcements soon!

Current lineup includes Evan You, Jacob Schatz, Sarah Drasner, and Blake Newman.

VueConf Speakers

Early bird tickets sale starts March 9!

In two days at 3 pm CET early bird tickets sale is on. If you want to spare a few bucks and attend VueConf, this is your chance.

If you’re fast enough and you’ll be one of the first 10 people to save your seat, you will buy your super early bird ticket for 199€ + VAT (yup, they will run out quickly). After that early bird tickets will be 249€ + VAT. It’s kind of a good idea to set your alarm and make sure your wifi is up to speed ;)

Visit the VueConf website and follow VueConf on Twitter for more updates about speakers and tickets sale!

Can’t wait to meet you in June!

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