Vue.jsIs Vue.js The Technology of Choice For Your Next Project?

Vue.js is the most flexible JavaScript framework out there that will help you release your product faster. And we know how to help you achieve that. 


Regardless of what your product is, you need reliable technologies with mature ecosystems. Flexible, cutting-edge, and simple.

Vue.js occupies the sweet spot between the more opinionated AngularJS framework and the much more verbose React, and takes the best of those two worlds.

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Vue.js has already been adopted by leading businesses worldwide


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Question 1:

"Why should I choose Vue.js in the first place?"

As a progressive framework, Vue adapts to a project's inherent complexity. Additionally, not only is Vue much lighter, but it also makes working in teams that much easier due to its gentle learning curve, smoother than React’s and Angular’s.

Question 2:

"There are major companies standing behind Angular and React, while Vue.js only has this one guy…"

Like Webpack and Babel, Vue.js was created by one developer (Evan You), but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a one-man project—there's an incredible community around Vue, reliable core team, stable financial support, and a variety of projects and libraries for the framework, such as Nuxt.js, Element, or Vuetify.

Moreover, its small organizational footprint means that its future is not dictated by any large corporation, but rather by the actual needs of developers and businesses.

Question 3:

"What exactly does it mean that Vue is progressive framework?"

It means that Vue.js is a framework that you can progressively opt-in to. Regardless of whether you scale your app up or down, it will work just as well for you and will stay flexible in terms of tooling configuration, number of features, and team collaboration. For example, when a site’s complexity scales up, things like Vuex and Vue-router can be adopted incrementally.

Monterail Will Help You Integrate Business and Technology

We are a Web & mobile development and design agency based in Poland. As you probably surmised by now, we kinda love Vue! We are the organizer of VueConf 2017, a Vue.js sponsor and active community member. Our team authored libraries, such as Vuelidate and Vue-multiselect. 

Our skilled developers and designers deliver world-class quality solutions while providing:

  • Agile development,
  • Cutting-edge product design,
  • Extensive business support and analysis capabilities,
  • Technical consultation,
  • Scalable product adapted to your market.
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