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DealGlobe - Case Study

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The Company and Product

DealGlobe is fintech's first cross-border M&A deals platform, providing investment and buy-side & sell-side financial advisory services. 


This revolutionary corporate information hub and deal origination platform is available for entrepreneurs, investors, and intermediaries.


The app connects businesses seeking investment and partnership opportunities, bridging the gap between Chinese and European markets involved in business spanning the entire globe.

Alan Buxton
Monterail provided some great product and design thinking and then built us a solid MVP. It was very useful to be working with someone who would bring their own ideas to the table and challenge our thinking rather than just building to a specification. Alan Buxton CTO AT DEALGLOBE

Scope and Highlights

The Challenge

The client needed a tool capable of big-data analytics and ensuring that the data behind the service is properly and clearly presented within the web interface.

Key challenges of this project included:


The Process

In order to quickly gather insights about the markets and the potential users’ needs, we collaborated with the client and followed the progression of iteration results closely to react quickly when new issues emerged. 

We designed the product completely from scratch, including the app's road map and architecture, custom dashboard, and UX. This gave the user an organized and clear structure, to understand how to navigate the application.

Our core actions for building the app included:

The DealGlobe project was a great challenge because it had to be suited to the needs of completely different markets. Its success brought great satisfaction to the whole team and we were thrilled to show the demo to investors and first clients. Katarzyna Tatomir-Rebeś chief operating officer

The Outcome

As a result of our cooperation, we delivered a working prototype, ready to be demoed to investors and first clients.

After its release in 2014, DealGlobe became a leading advisor and investor and the fintech industry's first cross-border M&A deals platform. The year after, they announced £1 million worth of Angel funds from its investors to help further the company's further development and growth.

Here’s what contributed to the app’s success: