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The M&A platform connecting
capital across Europe and China

DealGlobe is a platform for investors and corporate professionals who are seeking investment and partnership opportunities, and focusing on small and medium sized enterprises. With the aim of bridging the information gap between Europe and China, DealGlobe serves three key functions: it is a big-data analytics tool, an online matchmaking platform, and a range of traditional consulting services, focusing on cross-border business opportunities.

Tech talk

Rethink, revision, redesign

Monterail worked on the Web UI and API server for the application, making sure that the data behind the service is properly, and accessibly presented within the web interface.

The process


At the start of this project, we needed to get to the bottom of the problems the DealGlobe platform was aiming to solve. We had to work closely with our client, as they spent time sharing their knowledge and insight into a field of business that was very new to us. This period of initial work bore fruit with the creation of mock-ups and designs that were later implemented.

Even though we felt a strong urge to immediately implement our entire application proposal, we carefully followed our tried and tested workflow procedure and did the application development in week long work periods or sprints. Thanks to this, we could closely follow the progression of iteration results, and react quickly in cases where new problems emerged. This made for a methodical and efficient development process.

The Results

Best of DealGlobe Tech


Ruby on Rails & AngularJS

During the process, we created a Ruby on Rails based API server and a separate front-end application in AngularJS. This architecture allows for the seamless adding on of more front-end applications later. For example, the mobile or branded versions can be added using the same API server.


OAuth Implicit Grant Type authentication

To complement the above code, we implemented OAuth Implicit Grant Type authentication and we wrote a blogpost about it: OAuth Implicit Grant with Grape, Doorkeeper and AngularJS.



One of the most important requirements of the application was that it should offer a flawless and faceted search experience. Because we knew we would need to index a lot of data from day one, we decided to use Elasticsearch as our search server. This has been a very good choice and the result is that our users can search and filter through over 600.000 records in the blink of an eye.



Also from day one, DealGlobe was ready to serve its content in multiple languages with a particular emphasis on both English and Chinese. This meant that we needed to structure the PostgreSQL database specifically to accommodate multiple languages. This we did and also added an ActiveAdmin-based panel for translators to help make content translation processes easy and accessible.


In summary

Monterail worked closely with the client to renovate important aspects of the DealGlobe UI and API server. This was done paying careful attention to the market niche needs of the user and end users. Careful coding and analysis of sprint iteration results helped us craft a very satisfactory finish for all parties concerned.

DealGlobe Interface
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Meet the team

Bartosz Pietrzak

Bartosz Pietrzak

Project manager

Katarzyna Tatomir

Katarzyna Tatomir

Project manager

Dariusz Gertych

Dariusz Gertych

Ruby on Rails & Javascript developer

Marzena Kawa

Marzena Kawa

User Interface designer

Patryk Peas

Patryk Peas

Front-end developer

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