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AI  Mental health 

A Quiet Revolution: Tackling Global Mental Health Epidemic with AI
COVID-19, combined with the ongoing economic crisis and the war in Ukraine that started in 2022, has brought severe consequences with which we still struggle. And no, it is not just about empty office spaces. It is a...
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Project Management  Product Design  Development 

Product Development Roadmap: A Guide to a Successful Path to Market
Bringing a product to market requires following a bumpy road full of obstacles and turnovers that are hard to avoid. However, with the help of a solid navigation system, it can be easier to stay on the right track.
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mental health app development

Development  Mental health 

Building a Mental Health Ecosystem: How to Embrace the 360° Approach
Despite the broad market downturn and an overall slowdown in investments from 2020 and 2021 levels, the funding for mental health technology has remained prospering in 2023, according to the American Psychological...
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Creating a Unified Retail Experience Across Channels
The "brick & mortar" stores suffered a severe blow from the pandemic, while eCommerce saw a significant surge. However, the situation gets back to normal, and the customers' desire for a truly unified shopping...
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ai retail


How AI is Transforming Retail and How to Leverage It
Since ChatGPT disrupted the internet in late 2022, the surge in Artificial Intelligence has begun, leaving us without any doubts that we are experiencing a genuine revolution. Although we are currently facing some...
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Python  Development 

Python vs. Java - When to Use Each Language
Asking developers to compare languages, it's often like throwing a grenade into a living room - the only certainty you can get from it is a huge mess. This is why focus on emphasizing the features that make them...
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Business  Cost Optimization 

A Well-Defined Project Goal Saves You A Lot of Development Cost
While developing your next - surely - ground-breaking project, it is tempting to follow the Silicon Valley-darling rules: "go big or go home," "think different(ly)," or - last but not least - "fake it till you make it",...
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flutter apps

Technology  Flutter 

Top 10 Apps Built Using Flutter
The popularity of technologies enables organizations to embrace the surge of mobile traffic is a no-brainer. According to Statcounter, 60.28 percent of all web traffic came through mobile channels in 2022, and - as all...
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Business  Cost Optimization 

Two Ways to Optimize Development Cost: Cheap Delivery or Maintenance
Success in the software market results from three factors: the ability to deliver products fast, at scale, and within the defined budget. Fast time-to-market guarantees that we outpace the competition that probably...
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Product Design 

UX Consulting: Why Does Your Project Need It?
It is debatable what makes the best design, but when it comes to UX it will most likely be removed instead of adding elements. And that is quite a challenge: it is hard to "kill your darlings," and it is not easy to...
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Business  Cost Optimization 

Development Cost Optimization: Don’t Commit These Mistakes
When you are about to wrap your unique business idea into a working app, it is incredibly tempting to go full steam ahead - to reach out for the sexiest technology alive, spice it up with custom-made features, and put...
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React  Development 

What is React.js Used For: Top 7 Examples
React.js, a frontend-focused JS library used mainly for building single-page and multi-page interfaces, is one of the most popular programming technologies worldwide, and the number of companies reaching out to it...
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Python  Development  Technology 

What is Python Used For - Top 10 Examples of Successful Applications
Despite being a veteran among programming languages, Python still holds the 4th solid position in popularity contests, according to the 2022 Stack Overflow survey.
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Development  Ruby/Rails  Outsourcing 

How to Prepare to Work With an External RoR Development Agency in 2023
Today, when technology changes at a breakneck pace, the old dilemma of “hire developers or lease them” seems a bit academic. Having in-house all competencies necessary to keep up with the market is simply impossible,...
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Product Design  Development  User Experience 

UX Audit –The Way to Improve Your Digital Product
While developing your digital product, I bet you've done your homework: you established user personas, went through every stage of the product design process, collected feedback, implemented improvements...
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JavaScript  React  Development 

What Is React.js and When To Choose It For App Development?
React.js, a JavaScript library invented almost a decade ago, has quickly become a third of the so-called Holy Trinity among Javascript frameworks (although technically it is closer to the library) next to Angular and...
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