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Yalty - Case Study

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A responsive HR tech platform built with Ruby on Rails and Ember


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The Company and Product

Yalty is an R&D project under the Loyco brand, one of the biggest HR services companies in Switzerland. They wanted to build a responsive HR tech platform that would be fully-responsive and targeted at small- to medium-sized companies.

Yalty HR tech platform - Monterail Projects
Christophe Jodry
The team was very involved, they challenged themselves and the functionalities. They questioned a lot of stuff which helped us clarify the final shape of the app. The team understood the strategy well and applied it during development. Christophe Jodry GLOBAL OPERATIONS COORDINATOR AT LOYCO

Scope and Highlights


The Challenge

Yalty's mission is to simplify and modernize the administrative management of human resources in Switzerland. Having built a complex HR product for corporates, they wanted to address the needs of SMBs with a responsive Web app.

Ruby on Rails became our choice for backend development, while Ember would be used on the frontend. 

As the platform was meant to operate on the Swiss market specifically, the team needed to get a solid grasp of the specific employment and labor laws in force in each of the twenty-six cantons. 

Functionalities were designed to handle even the most unusual features of the Swiss labor law landscape — work in shifts or managing time off and leaves on a per-minute basis.

To offer users the most convenient payment method, a monthly subscription module was built in, with billing calculated on an ongoing basis.

To meet Loyco’s sensible approach to privacy, data would be stored on local servers. 

Key challenges boiled down to:

Yalty - mobile view
Yalty HR tech platform - interface - Monterail Projects

The Process

The project started in 2016 with our co-founder, Szymon Boniecki, visiting Yalty in Lausanne. At the follow-up meeting in Wrocław, we laid the groundwork for this unique cooperation, outlined expectations, and got to know each other a little better.

With Yalty’s project manager and CTO in Switzerland, the frontend developer in Austria, and the dev team in Wrocław, we worked in full remote mode. To enable smooth communication and workflow, we held weekly online meetings and discussed every new feature on Slack. 

The process was vastly improved by the deep involvement of Yalty’s CTO, who visited us five times in the course of the process, staying for a week each time to work hand in hand with the team on site.

To understand the business logic behind the app and get a proper grasp of Swiss legislation, we held “Yalty Classes,” internal meetings involving front and backend developers, quality assurance specialists, and the PM, dedicated to exploring functionalities and use cases. 

Core activities at this stage included:

Jan Potoczek
Being part of the Yalty team was an amazing experience as we were able to oversee the project from its early startup days, through consecutive, well-received releases and investment rounds which finally led to a successful acquisition. This gave a huge boost not only to our expertise as consultants but also bolstered our portfolio of HR projects. Jan Potoczek KEY ACCOUNT MANAGER

The Outcome

For Yalty, it was great to see that the development team understood the business strategy behind the platform and handled working remotely, with fellow professionals from Austria and Switzerland, without a hitch.

They received a comprehensive app allowing them to centrally manage employee data, handle unusual work schedules, leave regulations, and manage records. 

To emphasize Yalty’s values and approach to company culture, the team implemented a panel displaying employee timelines, marked with important, life-changing events — getting married, having a baby, or taking parental leave are not just great occasions to celebrate, but can also influence the way the system assigns social benefits. 

Loyco is currently working on reengineering some of the ideas and functionalities from Yalty to introduce them in their internal application, Loyapps. 

The outcome of the project included: