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The third edition of Monterail's State of Vue report is the most comprehensive yet.
Packed with stats, expert interviews, surveys, and info about the newly released Vue 3.0 it spreads over 100 pages of material.
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What’s inside?

Get real-life numbers, data, case studies for Vue.js, trends and comparisons with other techs. From this book you’ll find out:

  • What’s new in Vue 3

  • How companies such as GitLab, Wikimedia, or Storyblok use Vue.js

  • Real case studies

    FindlayWebTech, BridgeU, Vue.js Amsterdam, Eve, Extradom, Coursedog, and Passionate People

  • What people proficient in Vue.js value the most in this framework and what they'd see changed next

  • How Vue's popularity is trending compared to other techs and does it place itself in terms of technical aspects

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Thanks to the granularity of Vue 3 you can fit it into almost any context. It's obviously a great choice for SPAs, just like it was with Vue 2. It's a great choice for Native apps as well with tools like Nativescript or Weex.

Filip Rakowski

Filip Rakowski

CTO & Co-founder at Vue Storefront

I use Vue because it’s one of the most flexible and progressive tools I know. You can adjust it to almost any case, be it a small app to validate a form or full-featured enterprise-size application.

Natalia Tepluhina

Natalia Tepluhina

Staff Frontend Engineer at GitLab Inc.

When I saw it in action I knew it was a game changer. More accessible and performant than its competition Vue saw a fast adoption at my place of work.

Tim Benniks

Tim Benniks

Director of web development at Valtech Paris

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The State of Vue.js report is authored by Monterail — a software development agency with over thirty Vue-Based projects in portfolio. We're the first VueConf organizers, Vue evangelists, and — put simply — dedicated Vue enthusiasts.