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Looking to create a mental health application serving as a personalized support ecosystem for your users? Build intuitive and secure software that will help them navigate life challenges.

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Mental health software solutions

Mental health applications

The global market for mental health solutions is expected to grow 15.3% year-to-year until 2030. Digital products focusing on this type of patient care will make mental health support more accessible.

Telehealth solutions

Telehealth is considered the core of user-centric mental health support services. It helps you connect to your users and bridge gaps in distance and ease of use. A must-have for modern healthcare.

Digital wellness products

Leverage the power of technology to develop personalized digital products and wearables that support your users’ wellbeing and provide 360° assistance.

AI mental healthcare apps

Build solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that help mental healthcare practitioners make well-informed decisions.

Electronic health records

Securely managing your users’ data is your top priority and our team can ensure the reliability of your product. Use your data to create personalized treatment plans, faster address wellbeing challenges, and meet your users’ where they are.

Patient analytics

Mental health diagnostics, when accessible and reliable, help focus on what’s really important and find new answers to burning medical questions.

Mental health software development case studyPanda

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Wellbeing and Therapy Online

A mobile application with the goal to make mental health more accessible.

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Panda application
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From startup to stable business with an award-winning app

To deliver an innovative user experience, and appeal to corporations, we started an intense and thorough planning: 120 hours of design workshops and in-depth analysis of the product. The PM was a consultant and translator for the technical and business stakeholders. In just 2 months we delivered an MVP with a novel idea and new features for the product.

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Prescription delivery

It was founded in 2020, with a goal of establishing the fastest and the most reliable private service of this sort on the local market, allowing patients and pharmacists to prescribe and get medications delivered within a few clicks in the app.

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Client satisfaction

Client satisfaction

We continuously monitor and gather feedback from all of our clients in order to improve our services and adapt the delivery process. This way, we can ensure that our collaboration is satisfactory to you and future clients.

Fast delivery process

Fast delivery process

We want you to get your app out there as soon as possible, and gather feedback from your users. Thanks to the MVP approach you’ll save money and time, and the scope will be under control.



We discuss priorities, long term plans and get feedback on regular meetings and shared communication channels with all the stakeholders. Every week, we share detailed timesheets to talk about budget, costs, risks, and opportunities.

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Alexander Hoffman


Alexander Hoffman

Technical expertise and sensitivity to the cultural context

Not only did Monterail bring their technical expertise to the table, but they showed their sensitivity to the particular cultural context of this project by asking a lot of meaningful questions early on. Once they had fully and objectively analyzed the problems, they set about producing an original and extremely adequate application solution.

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Charles Howard

Co-founder of Scription Technologies

Charles Howard

Essential support

The team at Monterail has been essential to us; we couldn't have done it without the breadth of structure that they have because what they provide is effective, including the business manager that runs the whole team working for us.

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