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golang development services
golang developemnt services
why choose golang?

Why choose Go?

In our experience, Go is perfect for building web apps that should smoothly deal with large traffic. This language, compared to others, is light-weight and by extension much faster. It also offers a good mix of language simplicity, performance, and code quality. Because Go forces developers to handle errors in a specific way, the apps made with this language experience less unexpected bugs compared to other exception-driven technologies. Go also has a lot of libraries with ready-made common features, which help with efficient development.

Go is known for being:

App spead
Because Go is compiled directly to machine language and doesn’t need to be interpreted or run on a virtual machine, it outperforms languages like Java, Node.js, Python, or Ruby. On top of that, it’s immediately familiar to most developers, which makes onboarding easier.
Highly scalable
Concurrency is the name of the game for Go. When compared to other languages, threads in Go are easier to set up properly and use less resources, so Go apps perform even during heavy load. On top of that, Go makes it easy to build highly performant cloud solutions using containers, microservices, and Kubernetes.
open source
Because it’s possible for enthusiasts to build tools for Go, it has an ever-growing collection of those. And ready-made tools mean more efficient development. Open-sourced Go tools include libraries, Integrated Development Environments, editors, and plugins.
well established
Go is developed by Google, and it’s their main backend language (other big companies use it as well). So it’s not going to disappear, rather — it’s going to evolve. It’s also known for superb backward compatibility, so future updates won’t require costly refactoring of your app.

When to choose Go?

When used for the right project, at the right development stage, Go is a powerhouse. True, it may require a bit more attention and time than other languages equipped with extensive frameworks able to generate needed components with a single command. Hence, Go is not the first choice for people who want to validate a concept — there are faster ways to do that. But once you know what you want to achieve and scaling up is the main goal, Go is the perfect language.

when to chose go?

Case Study

As a result of our cooperation, fromAtoB migrated their app's frontend from Ruby on Rails to Vue (which was an initial goal of the cooperation). Additionally, they expanded their market reach. New bus and train providers were added to the service, as well as new SEO pages went online to attract new customers. A close cooperation allowed fromAtoB developers to have code buddies and sparring partners to find the best solutions with.


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formAtoB application
packet analyzer platform

Packet Analyzer Platform Case Study

After a period of collaboration spanning over two years, we delivered a working version of the Web application that our client now sells to companies across the globe. Having a ready-to-sell product that was already in use by the financial market, we started to think about further development. Together with the client, we drafted a development plan for the next year and filled it with lots of great ideas for upcoming releases.




team members involved


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Seat Unique
Case Study

The client achieved their objective of getting the product to market as quickly as possible — releasing the MVP in October 2018. Seat Unique is capable of providing customers with ticket and hospitality packages from official vendors, at competitive prices, instantly online. A year after the release, the platform had a growing base of over 7 thousand users per month.


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Seat Unique app

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