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Why choose Node.js?

Blazing fast

Node is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine which enforces runtime speed. That means faster development and greate scalability.


Building a real-time streaming video or any collaborative app? Node.js is the best solution for heavy I/O operations, data flow, and multiple connection requests.

Write both backend and frontend

Use JavaScript for both frontend and backend development. This will enhance internal communication and understanding of your product as a whole.


It is one of the most efficient server-side platforms out there. With Node.js, your app may load 2-3 times faster.

Perfect scalability

Worried about scaling your digital product? Node.js uses fewer resources than most technologies, so building up your app is easy.

Made for real-time, high-traffic apps

Efficiently managing your app's database operations is essential to ensure the optimal experience for its users. Node.js helps you manage them flawlessly.

When to choose Node.js?

Node.js is known for being able to handle hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections, and to efficiently use multiple CPU cores through load balancing. This means is that Node is best used for things like: real-time applications, IoT solutions, data streaming, collaboration tools, and apps relying on scalability. In short: everything that needs to process a lot of data quickly. For example Netflix used Node.js to reduce server-side app startup from 40 minutes to 1 minute.

Case studyGuild

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20% monthly increase in the app's usage

The app was first released to beta testers in July 2018 and four months later we released the app to app stores with all the features we planned at the first release. The Guild team kicked off this year with a bang, raising $1.2M (£880.000) in seed funding for further development and growing sales. Since then, Guild has been recognized by Red Herring's 2019 Top 100 European Startups.

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Transparency and clarity

We love the fact that at every stage of project development, we’re perfectly aware of what’s going on. We see the achieved milestones, keep track of the budget and stay updated on the timeline. That transparency gives us a sense of security.

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