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We speak fluent JavaScript
And we heart Node.js


We’re looking for any excuse to use Node.js in our development. For you, that means devoted experts working on your app for high performance and scalability.

Hire us and squeeze the most out of Node.js’ with skilled developers

It’s blazingly fast
Node is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine which enforces runtime speed. That means faster coding experiences for your developers and awesome scalability.
It’s JavaScript
Your team will use JavaScript for both frontend and backend development. That will enhance internal communication and understanding of your product as a whole.
It’s event-driven
Building a real-time streaming video or any collaborative app? Node.js is the best solution for heavy I/O operations, data flow, and multiple connection requests.
It’s lightweight
It is one of the most efficient server-side frameworks out there. With skilled devs on your side, your app may load two or three times faster with Node.

Why not Rails?

Ruby on Rails is still loved by developers due to its rich and well-developed infrastructure. Our team loves it, too! However, Node.js should be considered for any real-time applications intended to run on various devices. Additionally, if your product requires performance and scalability, Node outperforms Rails. We will, nevertheless, recommend Rails if your app requests fast prototyping or performs CPU-intensive tasks.

Work with developers who know their craft

Choosing the right software house matters for continuity and scalability of your product. At Monterail, we write code that will continue to work for you once your app grows and you reach more customers. We have all the requisite skills and expertise to assist you at every stage of growth: from idea and concept, through design, up to development and maintenance.

We will be the last software agency you will need to talk to in order to kick off the development on your next project.

  • Full-service team
  • 80+ experts under one roof
  • 8 years on the market
  • Over 100 successful projects delivered
  • 96% client satisfaction rating

Our team has worked on over 100 projects. Here is a sample.

An HR-Oriented Web & Mobile Application for the B2B Market
AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, and product design
Merck DORA
Healthcare-Oriented Web App for the African Market
Vue.js, Ruby on Rails, and product design
Packet Analyzer Platform
An Enterprise Web Application with Complex Data Visualization
AngularJS, React, Ruby on Rails, and user interface

Confidently build your next big thing

Need confirmation that Node.js is the right choice for your product? Make an informed decision about your technology stack and schedule a call with our team.

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