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Mobile Apps Development Services


We develop smart mobile apps with best performing technologies, saving your money and precious time.

Hybrid mobile apps

Time and cost efficiency

You need one codebase instead of three to create apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

time efficiency


Existing JavaScript and CSS code from your web app can be reused in hybrid mobile apps.


Cross-platform design

You will get a good looking, performant mobile app that behaves naturally on every platform.

platform optimized design

Native mobile apps

High Performance

Look and feel of native apps provides easy navigation and the greatest user experience possible.



Mobile apps are super-light and therefore very fast and responsive.


Broadly adopted

Top companies such as Facebook and Airbnb successfully use React Native for their products. Surely, your mobile application can use it, too.

broadly adopted
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Cooleaf success story

Cooleaf is a beautiful, award-winning hybrid mobile app. We used Ionic 2 technology to develop iOS and Android mobile apps for Cooleaf in six weeks! Soon after, it was announced as the best B2B app during Atlanta Mobile Awards 2016.


John Duisberg

Cooleaf founder

"It took Monterail's app developers six weeks to deliver us a beautifully designed app for iOS and Android. I didn't even know it is possible! Each stage of the software development was conducted professionally and in a timely manner: from the concept, through implementation to final steps."

Cooleaf Project

Our approach


Mobile-focused UX

Usability is the key factor for user retention and, simply speaking, intuitive interfaces will make using your app easier. Our designers focus on your target audience and the app’s purpose, to create a unique, clear, efficient and responsive interface crafted especially for your needs.  

mobile focused UX

Cutting-edge engineering

We use Ionic and React Native. Solid frameworks help you build solid, cross-platform mobile apps available for iOS, Android and the Web. If you are looking for a native feel — work with our experienced mobile app developers who will push hard to deliver topnotch results. 


User-friendly interfaces

Build meaningful and beautiful applications. Because your users will value clear and easy-to-use mobile apps and want to return to them. Interface design is particularly important in the process of mobile app development due to the specificity of the apps’ usage. Our designers will make sure it is done according to the best practices.

user friendly interface

Hybrid mobile apps

Using Ionic 2 you will be able to put your product out there in the fastest and most efficient way. Hybrid mobile applications accelerate various types of businesses and offer great optimization for your company. From startups to large enterprises - such cross-platform frameworks offer best possibilities for a quick and safe mobile development.







React Native mobile apps

React Native enables quick prototyping and high velocity, delivering a native app experience for your app's end users. It provides great responsiveness and performance for both iOS and Android. It is a tried and trusted framework, used by the most popular apps in App Store and on Google Play store, able to handle multimedia, social traffic, ads and even heavy messaging. 




Social Apps


Communication / messaging


Marketing & Advertising


We deliver mobile apps with a proven process, saving your time and money.

Building mobile apps is some kind of an art. It’s about thinking where your users will access your app, and what kind of problems they might have in every step of interaction with your brand.

It's more than moving functionalities from your website and web app to a mobile environment. The point is defining all relevant touch points of users with your product, and keep them in mind from the first steps to the very end.

Our development team does exactly that. During Discovery Workshops with clients we unravel the truth about your business and  assure alignment between your vision of the product and the services we will provide in terms of design, MVP development and more. 

Mobile App Development Process

Our Technologies

react native

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