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MVP development

Ship your product faster with Monterail

"You need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make something customers actually want, and to spend as little money as possible."

Paul Graham,Y Combinator

Monterail works with ambitious startups that are trying to make a dent in the universe. If you need software people with the right stuff, people who can help you design and build something your customers will really want, we’ve got you covered.

Web development

Use our Ruby on Rails & AngularJS expertise and agile software development processto create applications for early adopters and facilitate validated learning.

Responsive design

Product design

Delight your users the moment they open your app thanks to our  product design process.

Responsive design

The lean curve

Research the market,
prove your assumptions

The lean curve

We accompany our clients from the start and at every turn. Monterail brings to the design table great experience and well developed customer research techniques, as well as a lean-style of development that results in multiple benefits for our clients.

The lean curve

Test market demand. We provide beautiful, interactive, and code-free prototypes so that you can:

Clicable prototypes

Use a clickable UI prototype to begin the customer discovery process.

Market validation

Test the market freely until you’re ready to bet your budget on what you know your customers want.

Idea to product development

Flesh your design vision out, until you are ready to bet on the right MVP before starting to spend all kinds of money on misconceived development.

Prototype showcase

Show the prototype to a seed investor or an angel to get them on board, with funding.

Verify your idea with a throwaway prototype to validate technical feasibility of the project

Check your grand idea using a proof of concept technique.

Test your riskiest technical assumptions with a throwaway prototype. No strings attached.

Choose between a Ruby on Rails & AngularJS app or a mobile hybrid app.

Know the technical obstacles ahead of time.

Get a down to earth price quote of the full-scope project, after we have analyzed what it took to make the prototype.

Sell to your audience with an MVP app

Prototype development

Develop your prototypes into a full-blown application within a single, integrated development process.


Keep the same team throughout all three stages and don’t waste your time on explaining your product once again to someone else.

Minimum Viable Product development stages

Develop a Minimum Viable Product with rock-solid Ruby on Rails and AngularJS frameworks or a hybrid mobile app.

Sell to your early adopters with a working, lightweight, and lean MVP app

Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with rock-solid Ruby on Rails and AngularJS frameworks, or a hybrid mobile app. When it comes to fast iterative development processes, both Ruby on Rails and AngularJS are the way to go.

While Ruby on Rails is very well known,  AngularJS is the Rails of front-end development. It is a full blown JavaScript framework for rapid development that handles 90% of use cases.

To use this open-source web application framework, is also to improve your app on a day by day basis, thus continually growing its functionality.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Google, Twitter, Basecamp, Github or Airbnb.

Develop your MVPs iteratively, with the agile processes used by companies like Google or Spotify. Scrum sprints will let you ship new features weekly, allowing for easy tracking of your progress with Monterail’s self-organizing teams, delivering real value to your customers in short iterations.If you still need to find product or market fit, you cannot afford not being agile. Remember, customers lose interest in poor fit products all too quickly.

Rocket MVPRocket MVP

Monterail's expertise


Developing the MVP with us from square one has enormous advantages. One good reason for this is that we quick kick-start programming, a great advantage in the startup world where the rule of thumb is, if you don’t move quickly you’re dead. In fact, with us you don’t have to explain anything twice, as you would have to if design and development were split.


As soon as the MVP is released, you can onboard your customers and watch them use your app. We will set up a system that will let you learn about your customers, their behaviors, as well as the features they like or dislike.

Together, we’ll analyze the data and adjust your application. This will make it easy for you to grow your startup into a product that people love.


Day after day, we strive to improve your MVP to beyond the point where the analytics begin to show the growth you want. Meanwhile we will continuously be developing new features, UX changes, and monetization testing.

MVP Kaizen

Kaizen - Kaizen way: lean, continuous, incremental changes, aimed at improving something that already works


If the numbers show the need, we help you make the radical changes that will pivot your application by changing some parts, or by repeating the initial development processes to come up with something new and more effective. Don’t worry, we know the startup drill, we have built MVPs before; our apps are change-friendly.

MVP Kaikaku

Kaikaku — a lean, and radical change

Save time and money out of house

Great talent. No hiring costs.

Get rid of hiring expenses.

Save on office space, thanks to a remote team.

Streamline your operating costs for sustainable growth.

For a young company, building an in-house team is an enormous cost. Startups run on a low budget to deliver superior user experience, and yet must operate cheaper than their competitors.

Our belief and philosophy is that an MVP shouldn’t be a backbreaking cost, rather a cost effective investment. Monterail will help you aim for and attain the best ROI.

Sara Maria Spiller
Sara Maria Spiller
Managing Director, Manetch
Sara Maria Spiller

Hiring costs much more than just salaries. It’s an enormous expense for every early-stage company. Monterail’s full-stack development services let us focus on validating our MVP on the market without wasting time and money. Good product design needs sophisticated communication; they provided valuable technical and design expertise that amplified the professionalism of our communication style. I would recommend Monterail to any early-stage startup.

Tomasz Kania-Orzeł is head of technology at Monterail. Book a free consultation with Tomasz and resolve any questions you have regarding your project's next steps in development. His broad expertise covers multiple technologies and deep development experience.

Tomasz Kania-Orzeł

Head of Technology at Monterail

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