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Product design will maximize your solution’s potential

Product Design is often associated with UX design. But it’s much more than that. While UX design is part of product design, it mainly focuses on the solution’s look and usability. 

From that perspective, product design ecompasses a broader activity. Specifically, identifying real users and their problems and designing a solution to those problems.

Without product design, you’re bound to develop your digital product based on gut feeling. This means that even if you craft your solution perfectly, your potential users may have no interest in it – because it doesn't address their real needs and pain points.

Product design will
empower you to:

Solve real problems

By building products that address real needs and preferences of your target users,  you can create products that are useful,  intuitive, and enjoyable to interact with.

Increase efficiency

Product design will also help you lower costs and increase efficiency in the development cycle. Additionally, well-designed digital solutions are likely to perform better.

Launch successful products

When products are well-designed and reflect the values and identity of a brand, they can help create a consistent brand image and build trust with customers.

They trusted our product design processSeat Unique

SeatUnique logo

Online Marketplace B2B 
& B2C Platform

The client’s main need was to be the first app in the market to fill the gap in online access to premium tickets and hospitality packages for live events. Thanks to an intense 3-day workshop, open communication and good prioritizing, the MVP was released on time in a tight deadline in October 2018. The app supports huge traffic volumes, especially during periods of peak ticket sales. Seat Unique has been recognized as "the Disruptor of the Year" in the “TheTicketingBusiness Awards 2021” category.

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SeatUnique screenshot

Product design is key

to launching a successful solution

The world is filled with ideas. However, only a handful of them ever makes an impact.

With product design, you can maximize the chances of your idea’s success.  

What’s more,  even the best idea is nothing without good implementation. Embracing product design will empower you to develop a solution that not only solves real issues – but also is technologically flawless.    

Product design is swift and effective

Product design involves several iterative steps – all aimed at maximizing your intended solution’s business potential.

These steps include research and analysis, ideation and conceptualization, prototyping, testing, and the development. 

Product design process

They trusted our product design processGuild

Guild logo

20% monthly increase in the app's usage

The app was first released to beta testers in July 2018 and four months later we released the app to app stores with all the features we planned at the first release. The Guild team kicked off this year with a bang, raising $1.2M (£880.000) in seed funding for further development and growing sales. Since then, Guild has been recognized by Red Herring's 2019 Top 100 European Startups.

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