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What's inside

Get real-life numbers, data, Vue case studies, trends and comparisons with other techs. In this report you’ll find:

  • What is Vue
  • How businesses can benefit from Vue.js
  • Real case studies for FindlayWebTech, BridgeU, Vue.js Amsterdam, Eve, Extradom, Coursedog, and Passionate People 
  • What experts think Vue has brought to their companies
  • Where Vue stands compared to other techs for app development
  • How to decide if Vue is the right tech for your company

Users and Experts opinions

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With Vue, it became a lot easier to write JavaScript pages, not to mention make use of countless libraries to make our lives easier.

maksim fedotov

Maksim Fedotov

Web developer at BridgeU

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The competitive advantage of using Vue is the fact that it allows you to develop fast and feature-rich applications in a much shorter time period.

Thomas Findlay

Thomas Findlay

Consultant & Mentor at FindlayWebTech

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We were looking for an option that felt familiar to all, yet powerful enough to provide all the necessary features.

luke thomas

Luke Thomas

CEO at Passionate People

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