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An excerpt from our internal documents and our job offer template. One of our goals for 2013 is to make Monterail one of the best places to work — we put efforts into this constantly but we want to organise stuff and make it clear to everyone, both inside and outside.

We try to make sure that every member of our team fits and agrees with those values.

  • Teamwork. We believe it works better.

  • Communication. One of our main concerns.

  • “Good job.” We want you to give us a reason to hear it often.

  • Knowledge sharing. Every week, without unnecessary prolongation.

  • Decisions. We like to make them as quick as possible.

  • Personality over the system. We don’t have a dress code or redundant bureaucracy.

  • Learning. We love it. We try new technologies and always listen to each other when it comes to choosing the best one.

  • Office. While you can work remotely from time to time, we believe in synergy and social value of being in one place.

  • Wrocław. It’s a beautiful city. And we’re organizing local meet.js events.

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