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Posts by Bartosz Pietrzak

Development  AngularJS 

Rails has a younger brother - we are AngularJS developers
A friend of mine who's trying to get into programming after several years working in various IT positions asked me recently: „What exactly is back-end?”. Thinking about the difference, I realised that the line between...
Bartosz Pietrzak

Project Management  Business 

Why we love paying for Trello
Trello recently launched an early access of „Business Class” (if you don't have it yet, you can apply here).
Bartosz Pietrzak


An excerpt from our internal documents and our job offer template. One of our goals for 2013 is to make Monterail one of the best places to work — we put efforts into this constantly but we want to organise stuff and...
Bartosz Pietrzak


Improving offshore communications - going dark - solved
This post about us going dark during business hours of our US-based clients is a mixture of two issues I personally enjoy heavily: improving customer support in our offshore rails development agency and utilising SaaS...
Bartosz Pietrzak

Development  Ruby/Rails 

Outbound API rate limits: the nginx way
Implementing external API rate limits can be painful. There are some solutions that aim at this problem - let's take Slow Web for example - but things tend to complicate when we start using background jobs, or even...
Bartosz Pietrzak
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