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What does a year of making apps at Monterail look like? 2015 Interactive Review

In a world eaten by software, it's often believed that making software is an exponential, factory-like process. A process of connecting thousands of lines of code that fly-in constantly from multiple anonymous developers who tirelessly type away on their keyboards. We have a solid track record to believe otherwise.

Check out this page summarising 2015.

Let's keep this short and sweet: on one hand, 2015 was full of many shining highlights. To name just a few: we turned 5 years old, moved into a new office, became a multi-national team of almost 60 people, introduced OKRs and had a first sip of MonterAle

On the other hand, and more importantly, it's been a year in which joint team efforts to relentlessly improve our skills have become daily habit.

Above all, our clients and partners have continued putting trust in our expertise and have allowed us to feel rewarded. We couldn't ask for a better confirmation than years-long relationships. Thank you.

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