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HR Tech Expert Series: Tackling Global Challenges—Interview
Finding synergy between humans and technology is one of the biggest challenges lying ahead for organizations. There will always be a lot of new areas to automate and exciting shiny tech tools to implement.
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Monterail's Mission Statement
The idea of a mission statement was quite known to us—it identifies the scope of the company’s operations, should explain what kind of products or services it provides, and what values it adheres to. Alright. But do we...
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Tapping the Potential—Takeaways from the Tel Aviv Business Forum
Last month was replete with networking and new business opportunities, even more so than usual. The first stop—representing Monterail among the 250 companies participating in the 2018 Polish-Israeli Business Forum in...
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All To Know Before Applying For a Key Account Manager At Monterail
If you’re here, you’re probably wondering if this is a good idea for you to apply for a Key Account Manager at Monterail. Great, it’s so awesome you’re here! I’ve written this post to make the decision easier for you. I...
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Hiring a Marketing Person for a Software Company. Lessons Learned
Have you started a software company with no professional marketing background? At some point realised your business finally needs a skilled and dedicated marketing person or even a team to grow? But quickly after you...
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What Does a Year of Making Apps at Monterail Look Like? 2015 Review
In a world eaten by software, it's often believed that making software is an exponential, factory-like process. A process of connecting thousands of lines of code that fly-in constantly from multiple anonymous...
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Where Are All The Female Developers and Why RailsGirls Matters?
Have you ever thought that programming workshops targeted at females are awkward? That forcing women to program feels unnatural? Perhaps the reason that there aren't many women in IT is simple: maybe most women just...
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Assets management solved: we released Rails Assets
This week we are giving out to the Ruby community an assets management solution we’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks: Rails Assets.
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Why We Use Trello for Project Management
It is said that anyone ever involved in setting up a process of managing software development had an idea of coming up with his own custom tool and workflow. Specifically in web software development. We’ve all been...
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Startup Camp Berlin: Zen and The Art of Nearshore Agile Development
One of Monterail clients is Stefan Wolpers. On top of other dozen exciting things, Stefan organizes StartUp Camp Berlin. We have been lucky enough to be invited by him to the event. So Bartosz and I spent the last...
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