Monterail Ranked Leader Among Rails Developers and Polish Dev Firms

Karolina Gawron

Monterail Ranked Leader Among Rails Developers and Polish Dev Firms

In February, Clutch - a Washington-based business analytics company, released 2017 edition of updated research of top development companies. We’re very excited to announce, that Monterail, competing with 100+ companies, was recognized as a Market Leader in Polish Development Companies and Ruby on Rails Developers categories, currently ranking on 2nd place in both.

The research process that determined the rankings (updated continually), involves interviews with the past and current clients as well as secondary research. All conducted by Clutch analysts. Learning what the process included, we introduced detailed information about our offer along with information previous and existing clients. Many of them provided in-depth interviews and candid feedback which are now visible on Monterail profile on Clutch.

Monterail recognized a leader within Polish development companies

Ecstatic Clients

As part of the research, our clients were interviewed at length about their experience working with our team. We’ve got feedback from our 5-year partners, as well as newer clients that have recently received finished deliverables. Their honest opinion has been overwhelmingly positive and rewarding.

For us, they were a confirmation we do a great job, but at the same time, the reviews give us the opportunity to hear how we can improve our service which we’re constantly focused on. You can read summaries of a few below:

"Compared to projects we have worked on with other firms, they were extremely well-organized and communicated really well.”

"I really liked their approach of convincing us through data-driven metrics.”

"We decided to expand the relationship with them because they’re able to execute.”

You can find a lot more information on the Monterail profile on Clutch.

One of our long-term clients, John Duisberg from Cooleaf, commented that we’ve been, “helpful by being involved in the strategic and conceptual design. They’ve also given their ideas and feedback. They provide support whenever we need it, even late at night.” It’s great to hear what stands out as being most helpful about our services – we love doing it.

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To see that our cooperation, (which over the years amounts to 7 figures in revenue), translate into a highly satisfied client, a perfect 5-star rating is just a bonus.

This is just a taste, but if you’re interested, please check out the rest of our client reviews that were published. At the end of the day, our business is about people and luckily, today we get to look back and celebrate those people. We earned one of the highest rankings of the 100+ development firms in Poland and 100+ Ruby on Rails companies that were evaluated, but we continue to try to better ourselves every day.

Check the Facts

Check out the rest of John’s review and others’ in full on our Clutch profile. Learn more why Ruby on Rails is our mother language and what you can squeeze out of this framework. Feel free to visit our portfolio and contact us to learn more about our offer.

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