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Why Ruby on Rails Is Still a Good Choice in 2022 - Featured banner

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Why Ruby on Rails Is Still a Good Choice in 2023 [Updated]
Every year, we’re pelted by articles proclaiming the death of this gem of a framework. And while Ruby on Rails (RoR) is over 15 years old, it’s nowhere close to passing on from the programming world.
Maja Nowak


We’ve Delivered Over 100 Ruby Projects. This is What We've Learned
Monterail has been using Ruby on Rails for a long time. So much so that we were already writing about Rails back in 2008! During that period, we successfully delivered over 100 projects powered by Ruby or Ruby on Rails.
Tomasz Kania-Orzeł

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How To Index Array of Objects in Elasticsearch
Recently, I’ve been playing around with a search in Elasticsearch and got stuck with development when attempting to work with an array of objects. Indexing went fine, the query results, however, did not look as expected.
Zuzia Kusznir

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How to Prepare to Work With an External RoR Development Agency in 2023
Today, when technology changes at a breakneck pace, the old dilemma of “hire developers or lease them” seems a bit academic. Having in-house all competencies necessary to keep up with the market is simply impossible,...
Kaja Grzybowska

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Old Ruby Codebase – When to Update, What to Consider (Checklist)
A programming saying to live by is “code that you don’t touch gets rusty over time”. We have to realize that our piece of software is not a completely isolated, independent unit (even when using containerization like...
Jan Dudulski
Rubycamp blog banner

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Ruby on Rails Bootcamp - Key Takeaways From Participants
In 2022 we are holding our third Rubycamp. It’s a unique bootcamp dedicated to Ruby on Rails where, for two months, participants immerse themselves in Ruby with hands-on mentoring by experts.
Carlos Oliveira

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Developer Tips: How to Take Your Rails Project to The Next Level
We all started at the same point - learning how to code. Most of us focused almost exclusively on learning how to program in a chosen language and practiced it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s natural when you...
Anna Kotowicz


Introduction to Domain Events
Recently we made an introduction to the Rails Event Store but to get fully into the topic there are dozens of ideas to learn about, so we won’t stop there. Today I would like to tackle the simplest problem in the stack...
Jan Dudulski
Ruby vs Elixir

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Ruby vs. Elixir — Which One to Choose in 2023?
Over the past couple of years, we wrote extensively about Ruby (and Ruby on Rails), so you know we like it a lot. We’ve also dabbled some in Elixir (and Phoenix), but never before have we compared the two side by side...
Maja Nowak
More Secure Passwords in Bcrypt — Beating the 72 Bytes Limitation - featured image

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More Secure Passwords in Bcrypt — Beating the 72 Bytes Limitation
Storing passwords is a pretty common workflow that needs to be done when developing web applications, so it's best to use well-established solutions for that.
Rafał Rothenberger


Introduction to Rails Event Store
Event store is a proper name for a..., well, storage of events. Events are facts from the past. Such a trait makes our storage a great candidate for append-only mode, ie. there are only two operations available: read...
Jan Dudulski
Why Did We Decide to Organize Ruby Bootcamp Our Own Way? -- featured image

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Why Did We Decide to Organize a Ruby Bootcamp Our Own Way?
Perhaps, bootcamps that you have experienced before were quite different than what we're doing. They may have cost you a lot of money and left you with a lot of theoretical knowledge but no real sense of what to do...
Wiktoria Krzyż

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Ruby on Rails FAQ—What You Need to Know to Choose Right in 2023
To build a Web application that effortlessly serves your target audience, you have to make sure your chosen technology stack has the necessary capabilities.
Maja Nowak

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How we Built a Highly Performant App with Ruby on Rails and Phoenix
So there you are: a backend developer with a few years’ experience in developing Ruby on Rails applications. Lucky for you, Ruby on Rails seems to be versatile enough to solve pretty much any problem you encountered...
Zuzia Kusznir
Working Effectively With Legacy Code — How Refactoring Let Us Escape The Black Hole

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Working Effectively With Legacy Code—How To Cooperate When Refactoring
I’m pretty much sure that sooner or later every developer finds themselves working on a project that makes them face the need to refactor legacy code. For those lucky ones who didn't experience it firsthand—legacy code...
repository pattern

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How to Use Ruby on Rails Repositories and Active Record Model
Remember the story of tech leading a project in fours acts? It was a motivational (hopefully!) story about delivering a project and my experience with being a tech lead. It was focused around repositories helping us...
Mateusz Karbowiak
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