Monterail's Mission Statement

Szymon Boniecki


The idea of a mission statement was quite known to us—it identifies the scope of the company’s operations, should explain what kind of products or services it provides, and what values it adheres to.

Alright. But do we really need a mission for our company written down? - We asked ourselves for a while. And I believe that we’re not an exception here. Sorry for the spoiler, but the final answer to this question is YES, WE DO. And I will explain to you why (and some of the how’s).

For eight years now, me and Bartosz, my business partner and Monterail’s co-founder, have been running this software development company. It made us tick. Every part of it was just fascinating.

We were closing deals, hiring people, building our network. We liked it and people who have worked with us could feel it.

Bartosz told me once, that he believes we were doing well because delivering great products to the market is extremely fulfilling. That it is what truly drives him and, as he believed, the whole team.

I, on the other hand, thought that delivering software, great as it is, is not the only reason for our well-being. That is true: we are thrilled to have clients to whom we are a reliable technology partner. Who delivers, meets deadlines, and provides quality. But what is in it for us and for the world? I ended up with the word “meaningful”.

Delivering software is one thing, but delivering meaningful software really IS a reason for the greatest fulfillment in all we do.

And so it became our mission. Our WHY.

Monterail's Mission Statement—Delivering Meaningful Software

And defining this WHY matters not only to me and Bartosz:

"It gives a sense of purpose, a reason why we come to work every day."

szymon korzeniowski Szymon Korzeniowski Head of Front-end
at Monterail

Delivering Meaningful Software in Practice

All in all, meaningful software is:

  • Meaningful to the world—it makes an impact on users and companies,
  • Meaningful to us—we are engaged and care about things what we do,
  • Meaningful to the team—both on the client’s and our side in daily work and in the creation process,
  • Meaningful to the business—every app stems from someone’s need.

Furthermore, meaningful software gives meaning to:

  • The data. Both big and small making it accessible and useful.
  • The problem by making it a real issue to be solved.

It helps us think about Monterail as something more than a software development company. Our mission stands for something bigger than that and shows our impact on the world.

Some of the meaningful projects in our portfolio are:

  • Merck DORA - an appealing web application helping fight diabetes in African countries and promoting global health for the little-known African market.
    The suite of applications that provide GDPR compliance and ease of use for one of the biggest engineering companies in the world.

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  • - an award-winning messaging app for professionals, providing a high-quality environment that enhances your company’s reputation and protects its privacy.
  • Afriwise - legal services delivery platform providing useful answers to any critical questions on demand by connecting with top Africa’s lawyers.
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And we keep the ball rolling.

Want to build meaningful software?

Pay us a visit and see yourself that our devs are so communicative and diligent you’ll feel they are your in-house team. Work with experts who will push hard to understand your business and meet certain deadlines.

Talk to our team and confidently build your next big thing.

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