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GDPR Compliance—30 Questions & Answers for Digital Businesses

GDPR issue hasn't stopped being a subject of debate for many digital business yet. Although many European-based companies took actions to become compliant before 25th of May, a shred of doubts stays. 

In order to help you rest easy, we drafted a Q&A list comprising the most burning questions you might have as a digital business. Although there's no universal checklist applying to all cases, some issues pop-up more often than others. And these answers will be relevant for the years to come, since GDPR is not going anywhere.

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Working Towards GDPR Compliance—Monterail Case Study

This one particular deadline applied to every business based in the EU or working with personal data of EU citizens—and as May 25 is behind us, this means that the GDPR is now in force. 

The new law has stirred a lot of discussions, revolving chiefly around big companies relying heavily on advertising like Facebook.  The whole tech world has been looking at Twitter, Uber, Airbnb, and other big players that manage loads and loads of data in their day-to-day operations, to see what they’d do. The main question was: What’s in it for us and our businesses? Can we draw any conclusion from their stories and use them? Unfortunately, the answer, more often than not, was no. 

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How We Enhanced Our Human Approach With Sales Automation To Grow

Here at Monterail, we pay close attention to our clients and have always wanted to provide them with special treatment. Yet, we didn’t understand how to embrace the subject. If I were to explain how we used to think about this “special treatment” a few years back—well, we basically didn’t consider any form of automation. We wanted to be humane, not robotic. This is just how it was when we were a relatively small team and we felt that our approach makes us a unique partner. Makes us stand out.

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GDPR for Digital Companies—Interview With an Expert in IT Law

You probably heard about this new EU-wide piece of legislation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Although much has been said on the subject, still many business owners struggle to wrap their heads around it. To make matters somewhat worse, the GDPR neither suggests a single, clear approach to data processing nor does it comprehensively explain how its ordinations will affect businesses of different shapes and sizes.

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Working Towards GDPR Compliance: 30 Questions To Be Answered By Digital Businesses

Kamila Koszewicz

April 18, 2018 | Business GDPR

There are probably few companies—whether in the IT industry or outside of it—that could say confidently “Yes, we’re ready for the GDPR”. The new law is a hard nut to crack as it does not provide explicit instructions or procedures, and puts it on businesses to decide how to comply with its regulations. Since every company processes personal data in a different scope, for different purposes and using different means, there is no universal approach or a solution to have implemented.

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How To Shape Pricing Strategy of a SaaS Product

Kamil Nicieja

November 9, 2017 | Business

Startups can fund growth either by spending VC money or by the money they earn from their customers. A business can use a variety of pricing strategies when selling a product or service—and, according to Price Intelligently’s SaaS Pricing Strategy ebook , a good pricing strategy is twice as efficient than improving retention and four times as efficient as acquisition. Even though, out of every 10 blog posts on growth, 70% are focused on acquisition, 20% are centered on retention, and only 10% is about pricing.
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State of Vue.js — Key Takeaways from the Report

Karolina Gawron

October 30, 2017 | Business Vue.js

This is really exciting: our team has just wrapped up the work on State of Vue.js—a comprehensive report crafted for developers and technology businesses interested in making educated decisions about their  stack.

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Why We Love, Use, And Support Vue.js

Let me tell you a story about Vue. Not just from my perspective as a Vue developer. I will also try to explain some of the many reasons behind adopting it within Monterail and why we recommend it to companies we work with. You will find out why adopting it was a good decision from both developer and product owner perspective. I will tell you how we embraced the Vue community and how it led us to make a major contribution to its history by organising the first international Vue conference! Enjoy!

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Crafting Your AI Strategy. A Machine Learning Primer for Managers

Kamil Nicieja

June 14, 2017 | Business AI

We're coming up on the end of the busiest season in the tech industry. Facebook held its F8 conference in April, Microsoft did Microsoft Build in early May, and Google just wrapped up their Google I/O conference. At the events, the companies—each guided by the grand vision of their CEO—laid out their strategies for the upcoming year.

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2017’s Web-Changing Trends That Will Influence Developers and Your Customers

Brenden Arakaki

June 8, 2017 | Business

If you have any stake in the future of the web, 2017 may be one of the most exciting jumping points for developer technologies that can reshape the way we build and experience the internet. Pay attention to the big-picture, web-changing technologies that have taken off this year—they’re groundbreaking and promise to be more than a passing trend.

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