SOLID Principles Cheatsheet [Printable PDF]

Zuzia Kusznir


In object-oriented programming, SOLID states for five design principles that help a developer build easy to extend and maintain software. In this article I’m not going to explain what’s hidden behind it though. It’s been already done by Uncle Bob (who wrote the rules down) and in dozens of articles all over the web (like the one on by Lea Karam).

I’ve got something different for you though. For me and my teammates it happens a lot (or at least more often that I’d want it to be) that we need to refresh the rules. And as we use them on a daily basis, I decided to scratch my own itch and create the SOLID cheatsheet—clear, easy-to-use, and most importantly—printable.

The cheatsheet is intended to people who already know SOLID and just would like to have a cheatsheet by their side to remember about them and have a quick insight into these rules in case they forgot what any of them was exactly about. No deep explanation, just “meat”. 

Good? Good.

Just click the image below and it’s yours. No email required ;)

SOLID cheatsheet banner download


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Zuzia Kusznir