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How We Got a Web App for Free with React Native and ReactXP

Using ReactXP allowed us to develop a native mobile app for two platforms and a Web app simultaneously, essentially giving us the Web app for free. And now I'm going to tell you a story behind it.

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Tech Leading—A Story of One Project in Four Acts

This is a story of how a day-to-day developer overcame his fears and came out of his comfort zone. Of how he and his team got into a project which code was so bad they cried a little when they saw it for the first time. Of how they took care of it and made it great. Of how they made clients happy and left the whole team with a “mission accomplished” feeling. Of how they finally succeeded.

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Rails Aren’t Bad. Active Record Is.

Is there anyone out there in the Ruby community who doesn’t know Active Record? I don’t think so. Many of us start our adventure with Rails by writing AR models. And we write them a lot. We detect the N+1 issue many times. We refactor it much more. We doubt our ideas, solutions, and AR many, many times in our Ruby lives. 

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SOLID Principles Cheatsheet [Printable PDF]

Zuzia Kusznir

March 5, 2018 | Development

In object-oriented programming, SOLID states for five design principles that help a developer build easy to extend and maintain software. In this article I’m not going to explain what’s hidden behind it though. It’s been already done by Uncle Bob (who came up with the rules) and in dozens of articles all over the web (like the one on by Lea Karam).

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Chicken or the Egg? Terraform’s Remote Backend

Jan Dudulski

February 27, 2018 | Development DevOps

Recently, we have had decided to expand our DevOps stack with the addition of Terraform for creating Infrastructure as Code manifests. It became obvious from the start that local backend is not an option, so we had to set up a remote one.

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People to Watch If You’re a Vue.js Developer [Infographic]

Karolina Gawron

January 23, 2018 | Development Vue.js

You probably already know this: the first step to learning something in any subject is acknowledging that you don’t necessarily know it all inside out.

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How To Index Array of Objects in Elasticsearch

Recently, I’ve been playing around with a search in Elasticsearch and got stuck with development when attempting to work with an array of objects. Indexing went fine, the query results, however, did not look as expected.

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What Did I Learn After Going Eighteen Months Without Rails

A couple of months back, I finished my first major project with Ruby but sans Rails. You probably don’t know that, but I’m one of these people who first try to master a framework and only then look at the language documentation. This is the approach taught by “the Rails way.” When I started my adventure with Rails, I believed it to be a perfect framework, God’s gift to developers. A couple of months later, I saw big, old RoR projects… and I wanted nothing more than to run away from Ruby as far away as possible.

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How To Implement White Label And Custom Features

If you've ever been working on an application with a domain concept like organizations I bet you had to struggle with custom features, behaviors and complete white labels. Most young fellows start such with the if-else construction which quickly can fall into monster-spaghetti. Can we do better?

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How React Fiber can make your web and mobile apps smoother and more responsive

Update 26.07.2017:

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