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About us

We are Monterail - a team of 150+ experts working together to build innovative software

During our work, we discover some unknown paths, sometimes we walk along the known roads. Nevertheless, we always find a way to figure things out and embrace the challenges in front of us.

Our caring approach and support are here to help you strive and learn from the best.

Discover your way at Monterail.

Why apply

Enjoy projects tailored to your needs and time.


Welcome on board! You will work with a diverse team of developers, QA's, project managers and designers.

Project Choice

You decide what’s interesting to work on. We propose projects, not assign them.


Competitive hourly rates based on your skills.

Flexible hours

Make the work fit your lifestyle. Work flexibly and asynchronously.

Who can join?

This should interest you if:

  • You are looking for something “extra” on top of your other responsibilities

  • You want to work as a freelancer

  • You are looking to develop your skills and diversify your project portfolio

  • You are available for at least 10-20 hours per week

  • You have a one-person entity (basis for B2B cooperation)

Who are we looking for?

  • Developers with over 3 years of experience in technologies like Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Vue.js, React&React Native, Angular, Flutter

  • Product Designers, UX Writers and Delivery Experts

  • Great communicators and team players

  • A flexible person open to a variety of tasks in your chosen project

The process

See what to expect in each step of the application process.


Application and code snippet

A code snippet from you - just upload it in the application form so we can review your code. Not a developer? We’d like to see your portfolio.


Online interview

Take part in our online interview, where we dive into your skills, past projects, and problem-solving skills. It's not just an evaluation; we also want to get to know you more.


Formalities and signing the contract

Expect a straightforward and transparent process as we finalize details and guide you through signing the contract.


Congrats! You have just joined MTN!

You've officially become a member of the Monterail Tech Network. You can expects project requests from us to you soon.


Project request and start

So you received a project request, everything suits you and you are ready to start? Expect a project introduction, access to our tools and onboarding to kickstart your journey with us.


Your first MTN project

It's time to dive in! Your skills are set to play a key role in delivering the best together with our team.


Get & share your feedback

Mutual feedback matters! After two weeks of active collaboration, share your thoughts, and in return, we'll provide valuable feedback from our end.

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