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inventory management and procurement app

Avisio - Case Study


An inventory management and procurement app for hotels built with React.js and Python.

Olgierd Gawronski - Project Manager of Avisio

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Matthias Depenbusch
I really appreciate how Monterail is able to dig into a project from the business angle. Starting with the very first conversations, we found in Monterail a partner we could discuss our product goals with and bounce off ideas for our first MVP. Currently, I’m very happy how everyone on the team, from the project manager to the backend developer, actively has our user in mind while building our application. Matthias Depenbusch CO-FOUNDER, AVISIO

Scope and Highlights


The Challenge

The founders of Avisio realized that the hospitality industry has a problem with efficient management of inventory and purchasing orders. They came up with a solution that would allow them to digitize and simplify the chaotic and outdated process of keeping inventory and purchasing food, beverages, and supplies. 

A comprehensive inventory management software tailored to hospitality needs would allow hoteliers to lower procurement costs and keep track of their inventory by automatically updating purchase volumes based on sold and bought products. This would grant hoteliers drastically improved insight into their inventory, help them predict future needs, save time, and make informed decisions.

Key challenging areas: 


The Process

The app had to be functional for both hoteliers managing inventory and suppliers providing the platform with their data. 

Moreover, it had to be ready for future iterations and new features, including integrations with Property Management Systems that manage hotel bookings.

After analyzing the client's needs it was decided that React.js would be used for the frontend because of its versatility and flexibility. It's also easy to combine with Typescript and allows for fast implementation of new features.  

For backend development— Python and the Django Web framework for their consistency and the rapid MVP development capabilities they offer. PostgreSQL was selected as the database of choice.

Elasticsearch, with its fast and complex full text search capability, powers the search functionality in the app. 

Core efforts included: 

The biggest challenge we faced was building a tool that would digitize the procurement processes in hotels and, at the same time, make it user-friendly for the hotel employees who are used to more traditional, paper-based workflows. Olgierd Gawroński PROJECT MANAGER

The Outcome

The development process resulted in a completely functional MVP, ready for testing by end users and ultimately the market introduction. The Web app is also responsive on tablet devices. 

Future plans include expanding the analytical side of the app and introducing additional features with the help of machine learning.

Avisio is about to be released for its pilot customers and introduced to the European market later this year, where it will hopefully revolutionize inventory management and procurement in the hospitality industry.