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Cashdeck facilitating informed decision making

CashDeck is a personal wealth management tool, developed especially for accountants, financial planners, mortgage brokers and the like. It covers all the client’s accounts across multiple financial institutions.

CashDeck was developed by InvestmentLink, a company which supplies superannuation data to over 10,000 financial Planners and their 3 million clients who have a combined financial clout of over $27 billion in funds.

The challenge

Focus areas

Expanding the investment horizon

InvestmentLink is a financial data services company currently managing accounts for more than 3 million members across Australia and New Zealand. Having thoroughly explored the market, InvestmentLink became convinced of the need to present their financial advisers, and their client owners of multiple financial products, with an easy and fully integrated means of viewing all of their decentralized assets.

As a direct consequence of the above realization, InvestmentLink approached Monterail with the idea for an application that would give users centralized access to multiple asset platforms, allowing them more oversight, control and confidence in decision making.

Time & money

The ability to conclude quick, informed decisions has been a pillar of the financial sector ever since stock exchange mechanisms were introduced. This type of informed decision making is exactly the utility that Cashdeck offers.

Using Cashdeck, owners of financial products in various fields of investment are now able to communicate more effectively with their financial advisers. This is possible since they are now able to do so while viewing the performance of their assets on Cashdeck.

This application works equally well for professional financial advisers. Cashdeck is a great tool for the clear and comprehensive display of financial data across all the relevant investment products. This gives the adviser an enhanced overview of the client’s investment portfolio and the concomitant ability to give informed advice and make fast and incisive financial decisions on behalf of their clients.

The process

Powerful stories

United we stand: technical analysis

This project involved the structuring of a system to into Service Oriented Architecture, yielding consolidate individual investment services, each with their own specific parameters. Cashdeck, the main user interface, was written in Angular and glued together with Rails Assets. We used D3 for all graph work and to illustrate fluctuations.

Our project priorities were firstly, the setting up of a Dashboard that our targeted user would feel intuitively familiar with. Secondly, we aimed to provide a comprehensive set of consumer push notifications. These were to be delivered with near real time efficiency and accuracy.

With characteristic Monterail expertise, both of the above Cashdeck services were arranged to share a  core UI that we then extracted to a shared gem, so that updates for both the dashboard and push services would happen seamlessly and in a coordinated way.

The results

Great things happen

Cashdeck is a banking meta-dashboard. It allows for the control, sharing and communication of personal finances with stakeholders such as advisers, trusted family, or clients. It is a user friendly application that is extremely important because of the size and weight of the financial market it serves.

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Meet the team

Błażej Chwoła

Błażej Chwoła

User Experience designer

Marzena Kawa

Marzena Kawa

User Interface designer

Patryk Peas

Patryk Peas

Front-end developer

Dariusz Gertych

Dariusz Gertych

Ruby on Rails & Javascript Developer

They also took part in Cashdeck project:

  • Bartek Erbert
  • Paweł Hawrylak
  • Tomasz Jaworski
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