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Logistics • USA • Startup
Web development for a shipping platform

Easyship - Case Study


Interactive Vue.js website for marketing and SEO purposes

Paweł Hawrylak - Principal Designer at Monterail
Paweł Hawrylak Principal DESIGNER AT MONTERAIL

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We worked with junior and senior developers on our project, and what impressed me the most were their technical skills. They were not only doing their tasks, but they were thinking about the solutions and suggesting optimal ones. That was great. Paul Lugagne Delpon Co-founder and CTO at Easyship

Scope and highlights

  • 3months to deliver
  • 36%conversion rate growth
  • 37%improved performance

The Challenge

Easyship is an all-in-one shipping tool used by over 15,000 eCommerce sellers. They came to us with an existing marketing website that needed a complete rewrite to set themselves apart from the competition.

They were looking for development experts who would help them implement new designs and facilitate their transition from AngularJS to Vue. AngularJS was way too slow and an SEO nightmare.

The new version of the website was supposed to boost conversion rates (signups) and organic traffic.

They needed Vue.js experts who would take up the challenge and complete this rather sprawling project.

Key challenges included:


The Process

Easyship stayed in touch throughout the whole project by taking part in meetings and collaborating with programmers directly.

For best performance, we settled on a Nuxt.js + Express-based setup, with MongoDB for translations.

The development pace was super fast, especially at the very beginning, as we already felt confident with the setup from prior experience.

Working on logic-heavy pages, like the rates page or the crowdfunding campaigns page, was the most challenging part.

Core activities at this stage included:

Working with sleek, modern designs with lots of animations and SEO challenges, and using our beloved Vue.js in one project was pure pleasure. We’re so happy with the final result! Anna Chaberska Project Manager at monterail

The Outcome

For Easyship, it was great to see that the implementation and designs were very concise. They got their website exactly as they wanted in less than three months.

The loading times and overall performance of their website improved by 37%. Thanks to the incredible powers of Vue.js, the new, responsive website improved conversion rates by 36%.

SEO-wise, the new implementation helped the Easyship team drive 14% more organic traffic which converts to new business.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

Easyship web view