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Together with the Foostainable team, we've built a solution promoting healthy eating.

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The Company and Product

Foostainable is a tool that makes it easy for users to determine how healthy, nutritious, and sustainable their food choices are.

The app helps users determine the nutritional and environmental score of the foods and meals they eat by calculating their carbon footprint emission and the amount of water used in their production.

Apart from educating users about their food choices in an easy and engaging way, Foostainable suggests healthier and environmentally friendly alternatives to high-impact foods. It also provides recipe ideas based on sustainable and healthy eating principles.

On average an individual has 3 meals per day. That’s 1,091 opportunities each year for each person to make a positive impact. The creators of Foostainable, Marta and Ed Hyland see huge potential in this and believe that through small steps, intrinsic motivation, and the right technology solution, they can inspire long-term positive change.

Client’s feedback

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Marta Hyland

Co-founder at Foostainable

Marta Hyland

The best decision

As a new startup, when choosing a software development company we had one eye on the future. It was evident early on in our journey that when choosing Monterail we made the best decision. From the very initial call through to building out the end product, we found the team to be professional, engaging, and very responsive to any questions, queries, or concerns we had along the way. We hope to work with Monterail again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Scope and Highlights







The Challenge

The design was provided by the Client who is a design lead.

Our job was to take care of the development. We decided to build a functional proof of concept of the Web app using Ruby on Rails and React.

Key challenges in the project included:

  • Tight deadline and fixed budget.

  • The backend had to be lightweight and functional.

  • Integration with an external API - Edamam. 

  • Quick and clever error handling.

The process

Thorough process of design, architecture and testing.
Close collaboration and weekly updates.
Short feedback loop.
Thorough process of design, architecture and testing.
Close collaboration and weekly updates.
Short feedback loop.

The process started with team onboarding to the project done by the Business Analyst and Account Manager.

Then, the team and the client participated in a kick-off meeting which laid the foundation for the first sprint planning and helped us start building the MVP.

We used Ruby on Rails on the backend and React on the frontend to make a functional proof of concept that could be quickly passed to testers.

Foostainable Application

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Team’s voice

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Klaudyna Szpara

Project Manager

Klaudyna Szpara

101% of the scope

3 weeks to deliver meaningful software - that’s how quickly we have released an MVP of the Foostainable application. Eye-catching wireframes, well-thought-out logic, plus an MVP approach resulted in a beautiful and functional application. We used 77% of the total budget and delivered 101% of the scope.

The Outcome

In just 3 weeks, we developed a functional MVP that is now ready to be trialed with early adopters.

This will be crucial for Foostainable to better understand their customers and fine-tune their product. This tool will also be presented to investors to showcase Foostainble and help bring their vision to a wider audience.

As for now, the Foostainable food database includes over 450 products, but there are plans to significantly increase it in the future. Apart from the B2C market and reaching individual users, Foostainable is also planning to enter the B2B market.

The founders of Foostainable have a big vision for the company, the MVP is just the beginning, and future development is already in the planning.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

  • Close cooperation between the team and the Client.

  • An MVP approach to design.

  • Good task prioritization.

  • Stellar product design provided by the Client.

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