Exploring human-bot intimacy potential

Can the latest AI and psychological insights push the limits of human-computer interaction?

Exploring the potential for the emergence of intimate human-bot relationships

Ethical questions in human-bot relationships with advancing technology

As technology advances, it's now possible for humans to form emotional bonds with artificial intelligence. However, The concept of human-bot relationships, particularly intimate ones, raises a plethora of ethical, social and psychological questions.

The Challenge

Pioneering academic research with a top European university

Together with one of the Top European universities we test whether a proactive conversational solution has the potential for humans to form meaningful relationships with AI-based bots.This innovative collaborative project merges the latest advancements in AI technology with cutting-edge psychological insights, exploring the limits of human-computer interaction.


Why Bot not robot?

Our hypothesis is that relationship with a bot may be deeper than with a robot, because the robot's body is not as human as the bot's language can be. Human language is a sufficient stimulus. The rest is left to our imagination.

Try it yourself!

The research version of Lovebot allows participants to set features like temperament, personality, interests and conversation style. For Leap we’ve prepared Bot that can be used as a companion and offer support in a present, attentive and non-judgmental way.

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